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Request for Kansas City Missouri Police Department Homicide Investigation: Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader

Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader with Grant and Amy
Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader
with Grant and Amy

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

Update: November 21, 2016 - I still have not received as much as an acknowledgement of receipt from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

Kelly Ann Christensen a/k/a KC3Lady
5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B
Mission, Kansas 66202

Listen to this posting:

8/31/2016: I have still not received so much as an acknowledgement of receipt regarding my request for the unredacted coroner and police reports concerning my brother's death. 

What I have received is commentary that the Masons in my FOO (which may also include the line of (Al, Carol, Judy, etc.) Helen Reynolds, older sister of Thomas Fred Mize) are filing suits in this case and others articulated on this blog, in order to obtain sealed records and control over any settlement, which was part of the original intent of the scheme in the first place, e.g., the Masons trying to control and prey upon as per always - while I continue to try to WARN THE PUBLIC, due to the complete and total incompetence consistently displayed in this situation by law enforcement, undoubtedly either deceived or secret society members with badges.* (My brother's sole remaining heir is Amy Schrader).  

*Someone who has taken secret blood oaths, no matter the secret society or cult, required to come before their own wife and children, let alone their badge, should NEVER be allowed in the police force. It puts the public, as well as good police officers at great risk.

This is my late brother who died days before his 40th birthday in 2006 (the same year our mother died and I also nearly died in late 2005), when we were told he was struck by a full size white SUV, the mirror striking him in the aorta, killing him instantly and thrusting him to the ground (implying face first although not overtly stated), at which time a second vehicle was passing the first, running over his body and dragging him 85 feet down I-35.  

Consistent with the jurisdiction-jumping© game of gangstalking perpetrators, (as well as other markings), he had just moved out of the KCMO jurisdiction barely into Claycomo, MO, after undoubtedly an orchestrated and inflicted separation from his wife, Lucy. 

The story shortly changed to him being struck and killed a couple of mile markers down I-35, well into the KCMO jurisdiction, with excessively redacted reports of the incident issued out of the Independence location.

March 2, 2016, I requested via email from Cedar Roe Public Library and via U.S. Mail via the main Mission Post Office, a homicide investigation into his death, as well as all unredacted reports concerning his death. I have received no response whatsoever as of July 28, 2016, not so much as an acknowledgement of receipt. 

This is consistent with the absolute and total lack of any response or validation whatsoever from the Mission Police Department regarding the numerous hard copy hand delivered submissions, which were only submitted in writing to get around their verbal gymnastics and gaslighting, as well as failing to provide an officer to document and investigate numerous death and other threats received against many other civilians, including legal professionals, as well as even acknowledging the request for welfare checks on my children and other family of origin members - to this day (7/28/2016). 

However, there were 3 - 5 calls made to Johnson County Mental Health while the corrupt cops were gaslighting, ridiculing, making sport of me and radaring my legs, head and body while pretending to be "protecting me."

Request for Homicide Investigation

March 2, 2016
I hereby request that my brother, Gail Thomas Schrader’s death be investigated as a homicide. In the full context, which I am in the process of submitting, of the unfathomable targeting I have endured for more than a decade, I am persuaded he was murdered.
He had moved out of KCMO and barely into Claycomo, MO, where our sister had rented a house from Larry Lewis (a self-proclaimed 32 or 33rd degree Mason and Shriner) involved in the targeting of my daughter, Amber ****** ***********, in Lenexa, Kansas at the age of 16 and who told me in person during that time that when he purchased his Claycomo house he went into the Claycomo Police Department to find out “what he could get away with” in Claycomo as a Shriner). My brother had moved into a tiny duplex by himself barely in the Claycomo jurisdiction, after undoubtedly an orchestrated and inflicted separation from his wife.
Bo was allegedly killed crossing I-35 on foot behind this small duplex while working on his truck, with the assumption he was headed to O’Reilly’s for parts, then dragged 85 feet. The mirror of the full size SUV allegedly pierced his aorta through his back killing him instantly. I do not especially find this to be a plausible explanation, especially based on his height as opposed to that of the SUV. Then, the story was changed to a couple of mile markers down the road well into the KCMO jurisdiction. Lucy, his widow, stated to me at the time to have only received nearly worthless due to the excessive redactions, documents about his death coming out of the Independence location.
Please provide me with all unredacted reports concerning my brother’s death 12/05/66 – 12/2/06, ***-**-****. I would also appreciate knowing that no one else has assumed his identity, along with his disability benefits, etc.

Deaths in my brother’s family of origin:

 Greg Schrader (father), KCKS, 1990
Gail Schrader (his grandfather), Edwardsville, KS - (property dispute for their land).
Leitha Schrader (grandmother, emphysema), Edwardsville, KS - (property dispute for their land).
Marie Francis Schrader (mother), KCMO 3/16/06
Mercedes Busing-Ong (daughter), Sedalia, MO, then KCMO
Thomas Fred Mize (grandfather), Bonner Springs, KS DOD: 7/01/01
Clara Marie Mize (grandmother), Bonner Springs, KS DOD: 8/15/11
Dean Curran, (cousin), Leawood, KS DOD: Mother’s Day 2011
Tom Chambers, (uncle), KCKS

Riley William Brown, 80, Claycomo, MO passed away Friday, April 6, 2012 (Good Friday) at his home.
Then, I nearly died in 2005 and have been targeted ever since, along with my children (child and grandchildren).


My brother suffered from panic attacks, in addition to being an alcoholic. However, he was prescribed a "time-released" daily dose of Xanax that was approximately 6 times stronger that the 0.5 (which I broke in half during the time I took Xanax, which I have not taken for more than a decade). 

"These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them." Tom Carew, Stinson, 2005
"These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them." Tom Carew, Stinson, 2005

Xanax is not to be mixed with alcohol and there will be a lawsuit on this point. So you spineless, crooked bastards can start falsifying his medical records as you falsified the Overland Park Police Report during the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping during which TOM CAREW was impersonating an officer. You'll need the head start, anyway.

"I have a friend who keeps his wife in bed drunk all day." Tom Carew Quote
"I have a friend who keeps his wife in bed drunk all day." Tom Carew Quote

While my late brother was indeed an alcoholic, the possibility of his beverages or perhaps even water supply should certainly also be investigated. Perhaps more specifically, among other things, for ethanol

Federal Communications Commission Complaint Re: Illegal Broadcasting in Kansas City

Kelly Ann Christensen Quote and Mailing Address

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

Federal Communication Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 02554

RE:  Illegal Broadcasting/Redirected Telephone Calls

Dear Sir/Madam:

I graduated from The University of Kansas School of Law (#kulaw) in May of 2004. Shortly thereafter, I took an assignment through Secretary-at-Law to work for Stinson Morrison Hecker during their merger, Stinson taking over Morrison Hecker, at their Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri location. The following May of 2005, Stinson called me back, through Secretary-at-Law, to work for Thomas Edward Carew, in their (Stinson's) new officers at 1000 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri, which was part of the revitalization of Downtown Kansas City Missouri. [Rumor had it they signed a 25 year lease for nothing or next to nothing, granted to aid in the revitalization project].

During this time I endured a severe workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, which included my child, then three year old grandchild and it appears my late mother, Marie Francis Schrader (DOD 3/16/2006), late brother Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader (DOD12/2/2006), youngest half (male) sibling, ******* ***** Schrader, [among others] and potentially my other (youngest, female) half-sibling, **** ***** DeLeon. The multiple perpetrator stalking continues to this day [with me never having experienced, and if so, never having noticed, any of the following issues prior to working for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005]. Within this greater context, which includes many additional factors, the following concern Federal Communication Commission violations:

1.  Television - There has been interference and illegal broadcasting on my television, including the following examples:

*   Fox 4 News broadcasts in January of 2016 were broadcast with "November 2015" at the bottom of the screen. This continued for several days, received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas.

*   In both Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas from approximately November 2011 through June 2013, and in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas from approximately June 2013 through present, I attempted to find and watch a movie as I have done my entire life. I would begin watching a movie and within ten minutes it would abruptly end and another one begin. The one beginning would be one of the worst movies you have ever seen, but generally with legendary actors. Thus, causing one to conclude that is must be a good movie. In virtually every instance for months, the hero or main character of the movie would be "Tom," "Tom" and "Wayne," etc. (Wayne being the love of my life, who was repeatedly threatened to me in other manners, such as directed conversation, etc.)

*   Additionally, after it was made obvious to me that Tom Carew was again watching me in the privacy of my [apartment, as was made obvious to me when I worked for him during the workplace mobbing and gangstalking campaign in 2005, this time in,] Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas, which occurred nearly immediately upon my children leaving to return to Louisiana. I stated while alone in my apartment that if Tom (who was presenting to me some type of while violating [privacy/boundaries/criminal], presented as "playful" interest in a [personal] relationship) had something to say to me he needed to say it to my face like a man rather than through such deniable means like a crazy b*stard. I then stated that he has no bal*s. Immediately, a commercial came on my television with a large pickup truck, spinning in the mud, "Tom has big bal*s!"

*   Occurrences such as these have persisted over the years to the point of causing me to completely stop watching my television at various times, sometimes for weeks or months at a time.

2.  Radio - There has been criminal interference with radio broadcasting as well:

*   In 2007 in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, every song on my stereo in my SUV had the words changed to cause the song to be praising or glorifying pedophilia. This occurred to the point that I stopped listening to music that I have loved since childhood.

*   In Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, I tried to listen to the radio in my current apartment a couple of years ago. Every station, all up and down the dial, approximately 12 or so, was playing the exact same song in the exact same spot.

3.  Internet - My computer and internet writing, pages and groups have been relentlessly hacked for several years. Additionally, I have reason to believe this also occurred on my work computers at the very least at Sanders Warren and Russell [See FN, not included in FCC complaint] (where I had my laptop proxied into their system), and potentially numerous other firms, perhaps directly into the system, possibly also using my sign on credentials.

*   My laptop was hacked while using AT&T in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas.
*   However, the hacking of my computer seemed to escalate, with much less effective assistance from provider TWC, who blamed it on my laptop. I figured that issue out myself and found that to be untrue.
*   [I have not even been able to use my laptop for quite some time now, leaving me dependent upon the library computers.]

4.  Telephone -

*   In 2005, I was drugged and raped in my Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas duplex, but made it to my Grandmother's house in Bonner Springs, Kansas, where I called 911. The call was answered, "Overland Park Police Department."

*   I had a Verizon picture cell phone on telephone number 913-660-4122, which would ring with no record of the call, nor would it go to voicemail. When I answered it there would not be a person on the other end, but a machine or mechanical noise. At one point one of these calls rang for 8 full hours.

*   [Verizon Gusto picture cell phone photographs of November 10, 2016 report, taken in lieu of copies, were hacked - originals deleted and replaced on my cell phone remotely.  This is consistent with an all encompassing pattern of destroying authentic evidence and replacing it with falsified evidence, including but perhaps not limited to, my flashdrive being stolen, my email accounts hacked, Facebook postings deleted and falsified, photos edited, hard copies of such things as hand delivered crime reports to Mission Police Department disappearing, etc.

Verizon Gusto Picture Phone Photos Deleted and Replaced Verified by:

     * Originals dated November 10, 2016, in the evening, criminally replaced photos dated November 11th in the morning.

     *Photos out of order that they were taken].

*   Upon loss of my longtime Verizon phone and number [May 2014], I had a Sprint Lifeline phone, with no picture capabilities.

     *  Tom Carew told me in person in May 2005 that he had a friend at Sprint and could get me fired, when I was interviewing for a job at Sprint in order to leave SMH.

     *  This phone disappeared from my possession at Antioch, Johnson County Public Library shortly prior to me replacing it [finally] with another Verizon picture phone, but was returned to me the following day [when I asked at the desk]. 

     *  I have reason to believe these [some, all or most of my] calls were redirected in order to give the illusion that Tom Carew was in control of much more than he is actually in control of as I was continuing to be stalked by multiple perpetrators saying such things as, "Tom's going to teach you to give a blow j*b" and that I need to "mind" Tom, that Tom is a "handler," a "mercenary," (hired killer), etc.

Note: It is my understanding all of the above may be accomplished using HAM radio equipment with such complaints commonly received from neighbors with HAM shacks or by more expensive or expert means, which may or may not include manipulation of the television set itself [for example].

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter as I am also filing a complaint concerning felonious interception of my U.S. Mail, which I have received directed conversation in recent months has been in four instance intercepted.

Additionally, please advise where I might report, whether also with you, electronic trespass, electronic harassment and electronic assault of the kind that is not received via television, radio or by telephone, but may or may not fit the description of illegal broadcasting just the same. It is my understanding that this may be accomplished to some degree with simple, relatively inexpensive equipment, clear up the spectrum to the misuse of very expensive broadcasting [HAM, audio, electronic or other] equipment.   

Please send me any and all information and/or pamphlets available on the above topics in order to increase my understanding of same for future reference.

Thank you,
Kelly Ann Christensen

Please excuse the font if it is microscopic, I keep changing it and the hackers keep changing it back:

In late 2010, I worked for Mike Griffin (an estate planning lawyer, and a self-proclaimed Catholic who stated he attended college in New Orleans (Knights of Columbus?)) and Bill Richardson (additional submission of concern) at Sanders Warren & Russell in their Corporate Woods office. 

Kathy Mossie, secretary to “Bill Sanders, Jr.” during my year at SWR, engaged in directed conversation the following year (2012) when I had lunch with several of the girls from that office. Looking right at me, across the table, in the middle of a conversation, she said, “You had Roger’s d*ck in your mouth.” Roger Warren and I had a good working professional relationship, not an inappropriate or sexual one. See Statement of Facts attached.
I am concerned for the well-being of C**** M********n, who I suspect may be enduring targeting. I suspect C**** may have also known Bill Sanders, Jr. First, I knew C**** previously from another firm, prior to working at SWR, but have never been able to place from where. I know C**** does know Brianne Hampton. Secondly, due to C****’s exceptional secretarial abilities (the amount of work Mr. Sanders produced and the amount of work she can handle), as well as her personality and character, I suspect she may well have been his secretary in previous years, either on assignment or as an employee.

Note: A small sampling of the ongoing, relentless hacking....published within the hour and the address is already removed. My address is all over online and published erroneously on in Google search results publishing erroneous arrest charges, an incorrect address (likely so someone can claim they serviced me or tried to, but wrong address, which has been verified twice with the Kansas Driver's License Bureau by the way), an incorrect arrest time, but a correct date of birth within this greater context of identity theft, etc.  I was going to post same, but I do not now see this erroneous and disparaging statements with various charges regarding my May 2016 arrest, e.g., harassment by police, followed by a disgusting experience at the jail.

Hacked Already - So they can claim they tried to serve me, but erroneous address - which I verified twice with DMV and is all over online.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

No Reliable Information: Request for Welfare Checks

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

 March 12, 2016

Hand Delivered to Mission Police Department - Just like the numerous other hand deliveries with no response. (Note: May have been edited as all of the documentation was stolen, including my hard copies, the flash drive which contained digital copies and this blog and email accounts hacked):

Since I am unable to access or obtain accurate, reliable information within the City of Mission, due to computer hackings, (prior to my laptop being so relentlessly hacked as to render it useless, then the hard drive being switched out criminally without my consent at 5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas, hacked even with the modem unplugged, which I understand can be accomplished with HAM radio, repeaters and other electronic equipment), followed by constant and/or repeated interference with even FBI and KBI crime reporting sites at the Cedar Roe Library, situated in Roeland Park, Kansas), redirected or rerouted cell phone calls on my Sprint Lifeline cell phone, after having my Verizon picture phone stolen, during the commission of the crimes committed against me in May 2014, originating in Mission, Kansas including all contact and photographic evidence contained on the phone; as well as electronic interference with television, which apparently can be accomplished using HAM radio and electronic equipment, and in light of the approximately 16 years of ongoing targeting directed toward myself, my child and grandchildren, the questionable deaths in my extended family of origin, similar markings in the lives of other family of origin members, repeated attempts to report criminal activity to law enforcement, as well as continuing resistance to provide an officer to document and investigate several death and other threats received against family of origin members, loved ones, local legal and other professional, etc., I hereby request the Mission Police Department provide me with complete and accurate information regarding the welfare of the following family of origin members, all of whom have been threatened to me:

Listed names


Also see Federal Communications Commission Complaint for additional details.

March 11, 2016 - Hand Delivered to Mission Police Department - Edited for Clarity. November 6, 2016: Excuse the formatting issues, it is from hackers and copying and pasting. It looks like a mess because I have been sprayed and hacked the last couple of days, then the email account I tried to save the draft in was hacked, etc. However, I want to get the information posted. If you are a reader of this blog, you know the perpetrators will hack the hell out of it - making edits large and small - anyway.

Draft follows - Will Finalize

Note that a police welfare check takes place when law enforcement is sent out to check the wellbeing of a person. This check is done when the police have a reason to believe someone is harmed or in danger.

Since I am unable to access or obtain accurate, reliable information within the City of Mission, due to:

Computer Hackings  

  • Ongoing, relentless, aggressive - against my laptop computer, copyrighted material and pages. 
    • scraping theft reported to Google;
    • hackings reported to FBI Internet Crimes.   
  • Greatly increased with change from AT&T to TWC service provider, which was a reluctant change due to finances (and the fact that I had TWC in 2005 during that workplace mobbing and gangstalking and swore I would never have it again. The phone was completely out of service for about a week, and the hold time was 45 minutes on one customer service call).
    • TWC customer representatives blamed issues on my laptop, which were later resolved and proved not to be the case;
    • cleared SOC repeatedly;
    • set TWC modem profile to most secure settings, and researching same, resulting in using the hard wired connection, and other personally set specifications to prevent intrusion.
    • escalated to the point of having to reformat hard drive up to five times a day, all of which interfered with income.
      • Ibuntu tracked hackings mostly back to NYC, but some to Chicago.
      • Hijacked Facebook pages were traced to running through Facebook Ireland rather than the United States, perhaps to get around the FBI?
      • Ibuntu logging hackings even with the modem unplugged, wireless off.
        • It is my understanding as a result of research that this can be accomplished with HAM radio and other electronic equipment.
          • Question: Can a "smart meter reader," such as the one installed on the telephone pole directly across the street at 12:30 a.m., not by official KCPL trucks, but I believe it was PAR, be hacked into and used as, among other things, a repeater? 
  • Laptop hard drive switched out criminally, meaning someone again entered my apartment unlawfully and without my consent, to destroy, steal, manipulate, sabotage or replace my personal property, documents, (which has also included many times poisoning or drugging my food), at 5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas 66202.
    • Resulting in laptop detecting Toshiba hard drive rather than HP.
    • Resulting in boot loop, so computer would no longer boot up.
    • Resulting in further loss of income.  


FBI and KBI Crime Tips Website

The above was followed by constant and/or repeated interference (hacking) with even the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Kansas Bureau of Investigations crime tips reporting sites at the Cedar Roe Library, situated in Roeland Park, Kansas. 

Criminal and Harassing Tampering with Telephones and Telephone Calls 

  • Lost longtime Verizon picture phone and telephone number.
    • Just prior to loss, Mission QuikTrip claimed Verizon no longer offers $15 phone cards, causing me not to be able to replenish my balance due to finances.
    • Verizon picture phone lost/stolen during Tom Carew's May 2014 crimes while he was impersonating an Overland Park police officer, forcing me into his "police car" at QuikTrip.
      • The Verizon picture phone was not returned to me.
      • The Verizon picture phone contained photographic evidence.
      • The loss of the Verizon picture phone also caused the loss of my long time phone number, known to many friends, family members and professionals in the local legal community.
      • These crimes and this loss also caused the loss of my contact list.
    • Even during the years I had the Verizon picture phone with the longtime cell phone number of 913-660-4122, there were strange happenings, as follows:
      • The phone would ring, displaying strangely and uniquely from other calls on the front face of the phone, which signaled to me when these types of calls were being received.
      • I would answer the call and there would be mechanical noises, no voice or person.
      • There would be no record of the call on my account, nor would Verizon customer service have any record of the phone.
      • Verizon customer service could not figure out the source of these calls.
      • At one point I let one of these calls ring. It rang for a full 8 hours, never going to voicemail as my phone was set to do after a few rings.
  • Enrolled in crappy Sprint Lifeline Program, since I have been forced into poverty with the active and/or passive assistance of local law enforcement.
    • Crappy Sprint Lifeline Program is apparently a government program, of which Sprint has the contract designed for people below the poverty level, in this case, including a targeted, Christian KU Law School graduate.
    • The crappy Sprint Lifeline Program apparently provides access to "the powerful Sprint network." 
      • which is why I could rarely get reception in the basement 15 miles or so from the Sprint World Headquarters, here in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas.
      • The crappy Sprint Lifeline phone is provided free of charge, which is about what its worth. Note: Verizon offers what appears to be a much better phone, with picture taking capabilities, for $7, retail. So I wonder what the government is paying Sprint to provide these phones to recipients.
      • The crappy Sprint Lifeline phone comes with the usual Sprint customer service.
        • None.
        • I lost my voicemail password about two YEARS ago, but finally gave up trying to get it reset, which I tried repeatedly to do by phone and internet.
          • I even tried to beg for the privilege of Sprint customer service on their Facebook page, but was apparently not deemed worthy of a response or help resetting my password.
    • The crappy Sprint Lifeline phone, which is pathetic even by a grandmother's standards, conveniently for, say, gangstalkers, for example, does not provide any photo or picture taking capabilities. 
    • Crappy Sprint Lifeline cell phone disappeared at Antioch, Johnson County Kansas Public Library a few weeks ago (J-QT) and returned to my possession when I asked about it at the desk the next day. 
      • I do not know if anything was removed from the phone, which would have caused it to redirect calls to, for example, hypothetically, of course, a perpetrator company or firm, such as I have previously been on assignment to, unbeknownst to me at the time, or some similar scenario.
      • Also due to the followed having been said to me in person by Tom Carew at Stinson in 2005, "I have a friend at Sprint and can get you fired." whether there is some other manipulation at a higher level that caused same on cell phone.
      • Additionally, narcissists accuse you of exactly what they are doing to you. I have previously received, several years ago, 
        • first of all, the repeated request to call Tom Carew, of which I refused. 
        • secondly, manipulation of my phone records or calls.  

Redirected or Tampered with Landline 911 Call in 2005

During the workplace mobbing and gangstalking in 2005, while living in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas and working at Stinson Morrison Hecker, in Kansas City, Missouri, for Tom Carew, I barely made it out to my late Grandmother's house. When I did, I called 911 from her landline phone, a number which my grandparents had for more than 60 years. The call was answered, "Overland Park Police Department." I tried to report that I had been drugged and raped. I was gaslighted.  


[1] Please verify the text of this document (originally sent electronically) due to hackings and lack of funds from targeting in order to print, hand deliver hard copies and wrestle an officer into taking a police report.
[2] It is my understanding, based on library book text, that computer hackings can also be accomplished using HAM radio and other electronic equipment, besides computer-to-computer.
[3]Sprint, where Tom Carew (TC) stated to me in person in 2005 at Stinson Morrison Hecker, at 1000 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri, where I was then employed as his assistant, but was interviewing through Great Plains Land Service, Brookside, MO, for another job, at the Spring World Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, that he “has a friend at Sprint and can get me fired.”

This, after having my Verizon picture phone (which I was using to photograph perpetrator, which one is unable to do on a crappy Sprint Lifeline cell phone) stolen, during the commission of the crimes committed against me in May 2014, originating in Mission, Kansas, including all contact and photographic evidence of crimes contained on the phone; 

Note: Local Google truck operating within the City of Roeland Park, Kansas, with Google insignia on door, within the bigger context of the ongoing stalking and harassing, followed by “by ITC” (theme at the time) underneath, could potentially be another “hiding in plain sight” reference (theme used). 

S**** P*** of Gardner, Kansas (2005, while working for Tom Carew, and other events to report. See Case No. 13CL-CR00267-01 - ST V STEVEN M PUHR ), may be helpful in this situation had he not been convicted in a small rural town of meth (which I also believe my daughter and I have been drugged with repeatedly, and potentially my grandsons (within but not limited to Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee, Mission (including current residence), Roeland Park, Kansas, Kansas City, MO and Slidell, LA) possession, completely out of character of the entire approximately 8 years I knew the Constitutional rights activist prior to this time. However, all I can add in information obtained from Johnson County Library books, including that the highest lines are high voltage, middle ones are low voltage and the lower ones are cable and/or internet, which I have noticed in our fine city of Mission, Kansas.

[4] Visited Chase while working for Tom Carew in 2005. Chase was impersonated and behaving, as is consistent in many instances where these psychos are involved, completely out of character. Actually, perpetrators change house numbers, and I believe Chase’s entire duplex was set up as a “stage,” several doors down from his actual duplex. When I returned I thought at the time that his address was several doors down from where it was, but did not even fathom the nearly unfathomable craziness of these psychos at that time. 

Chase was a Christian, politically active male about my same age, well read and well versed in psychology and theology, as well as disabled. He also debated the Bible on AOL, and was my friend with several years prior to this time. 

I actually have reason to think, and received gangstalking commentary in Roeland Park, Johnson County, Kansas within the last two years, that Mr. Hill (I knew him as “Chase,” but I believe Thomas Hill is his legal name) died with an erection, from being drugged, of course, and I, also be criminally drugged, was place on his penis post mortem in order for it to be videoed or photographed, because the perpetrators were angry that while I was previously at Mr. Hill’s home, and one of the perverted perpetrators was told by me at the time, when attempting to initiated sexual contact with me as Chase in the middle of the night, in Chase’s king-size bed, where Chase and I had both slept several times over the years without sexual contact, to “Get the f*ck off of me.” Chase had never so much as attempted to initiate sexual contact with me prior to this incident over the years we had known one another. So, this scenario was orchestrated in order to video or photograph Chase and I appearing to be engaged in sexual intercourse when we had never had sexual intercourse. Chase had taken a vow of celibacy. I came to on top of Chase with his penis inside of me, removed myself and went to sleep.

In context, this gangstalking commentary was forced upon me in the last two years in Johnson County, Kansas, as part of a theme of brow beating me, stating I am now worthless as a human being because no man would want me or that I would not be able to satisfy one (once again attempting to play into unresolved childhood sexual abuse issues, being that childhood sexual abuse victim are treated as sexual objects, often receiving the message they have no other worth). 


This was also for dissociation, and in combination with past attempts of stating that was then (then being my entire adult dating life, attractive men who loved me and whom I loved, who it was stated to me only loved me because of sex, which is not true), and the physical injuries to my physical body inflicted by these criminals, including but not limited to, Tom Carew impersonating an officer in Johnson County, Kansas, in May 2014. I returned to my Mission, Johnson County, Kansas apartment, from said crimes, more than one inch shorter with serious spinal injuries, commentary that something had been “sewn into” my uterus which had already sustained cutting in or around 2005 , inflating my colon and “busting my *ss” (which was stated that “every man who sees you now will know you…” you practiced anal intercourse (completely untrue) and/or were a prostitute (numerous attempts to force or trick me into, but never accomplished, including ongoing attempts to sabotage my income), etc. Tom Carew’s May 2014 crimes changed the structure of my rectum, caused the loss of my bottom teeth, sewed my gums back so my chin protrudes (mocking same on Lansing Grain webpage photo of Tom Carew as EVP), back, legs which have sustained many electronic strikes such as radar, etc. 

See also Smithville directed conversation at QuikTrip by Mark Thornhill of Spencer Fane, "It's your a*s."

This also within the context of repeatedly stating I have “impossibly high standards” and attempting to lower those standards by surrounding me, for example, in 2006, while deeply grieving and still unable to think properly due to workplace mobbing and gangstalking the prior year while working for Tom Carew, as well as the ongoing campaign, which was unbeknownst to me at the time. These “f*ck trolls,” included but are not limited to Ken Wingert, Robert Langford, etc., who it appears were establishing relationships simply to disrespect and inflict emotional pain, etc. 

Sprint, where Tom Carew (TC) stated to me in person in 2005 at Stinson Morrison Hecker, at 1000 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri, where I was then employed as his assistant, but was interviewing through Great Plains Land Service, Brookside, MO, for another job, at the Spring World Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, that he “has a friend at Sprint and can get me fired.”

This, after having my Verizon picture phone (which I was using to photograph perpetrator, which one is unable to do on a crappy Sprint Lifeline cell phone) stolen, during the commission of the crimes committed against me in May 2014, originating in Mission, Kansas, including all contact and photographic evidence of crimes contained on the phone;