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My Brother: The Late Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader

Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader with Grant and Amy
Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader
with Grant and Amy
(This photo has been altered as so many others).

This is my late brother who died days before his 40th birthday in 2006 (the same year our mother died and I also nearly died in late 2005, during and after working for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker), when we were told he was struck by a full size white SUV, the mirror striking him in the aorta, killing him instantly and thrusting him to the ground (implying face first, although not overtly stated, at his funeral his nose appeared to have road rash), at which time a second vehicle was passing the first, running over his body and dragging him 85 feet down I-35. 

March 2, 2016, I requested via email from Cedar Roe Public Library and via U.S. Mail via the main Mission Post Office, a homicide investigation into his death, as well as all unredacted reports concerning his death.  

I have received no response whatsoever as of July 28, 2016, no so much as an acknowledgement of receipt. This is consistent with the absolute and total lack of any response or validation whatsoever from the Mission Police Department regarding the numerous hard copy hand delivered submissions. 

However, there were 3 - 5 calls made to Johnson County Mental Health (Gaslighting) while they continued gaslighting, ridiculing, making sport of me and radaring my legs, head and body while pretending to be "protecting me."


Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader Quote
Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader Quote
Consistent with the jurisdiction-jumping game© of gangstalking perpetrators, (as well as other markings), he had just moved out of the KCMO jurisdiction barely into Claycomo, MO, after undoubtedly an orchestrated and inflicted separation from his wife, Lucy. 

The story shortly changed to him being struck and killed a couple of mile markers down I-35, well into the KCMO jurisdiction, with excessively redacted reports of the incident issued out of the Independence location.

"Remembering my (targeted) brother Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader 

12/5/66 - 12/2/06 (He was not born 12/6/66). (Copied from my personal FB page where it was posted years ago).

My brother was known for his heart of gold. He was at his best helping others as a volunteer firefighter, which he loved doing. He had a very tender heart that would cause him to give anyone his last anything. As a kid he would mow lawns or shovel snow just to spend every last dime on buying us treats. He was a steel plated marshmallow, as I often told him. Steel plated because of all he endured, but marshmallow through and through.

Bo Schrader
Third Grade Class
Piper Elementary, Piper, Kansas

If you only ever knew the steel plated part of my brother, you really missed out. It was probably because he saw your true character, which was something he had an amazing gift for accurately determining very quickly. That gift coupled with his beautiful heart and strong backbone caused him to passionately stand up for what was right no matter what or to who. It was a truly phenomenal combination, but one that also made him a target in an extended family of treacherous flying monkeys and pretenders. He surely has a big mansion in heaven with that huge heart of his just basking in agape love, and at perfect peace with no more tears.


When I remember you, I think of you, me and Buzz grilling steaks, spring break in Florida, the Old Firehouse (and the three of us getting kicked out because you punched some guy out who grabbed my behind and he would not apologize to, etc., when you were known as Bodacious and had all the "hot chicks" chasing you.

"Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader, 39, Kansas City, MO, entered into eternal peace on Saturday, December 2, 2006. (He was born December 5th, not the 6th.) He was struck by two vehicles and fatally injured on I-35. Funeral services were held December 7th with burial Friday in the Bonner Springs Cemetery. A visitation preceded the services Thursday at the funeral home."


Larry Lewis on Aol received in Orrick Mo 2006
Larry Lewis Quote - 2006
Received in Orrick, MO, at Matt's house, from a screen name on AOL known to me to belong to Larry Lewis, early 2006.

Additionally, I am nearly certain he was harvested by these criminal psychopaths, including his eyes and heart, which also needs to be investigated.

Tom Carew Quote

This has been repeatedly hacked, so here it is again.

Also see, (as soon as I can get to posting it) Tom Carew, in person while he was impersonating an Overland Park police officer in May 2014 while drugging and kidnapping me (during the commission of a crime/crimes: "This is the way we usually do it." While holding up a long, silver tow chain, was received as both a death threat and murder confession.

Btw, the gangstalking psychos tried to claim my brother and I had a sexual relationship, that he was a pedophile, etc., (the exact things they are doing) this within the last year, nearly a decade after the man, my brother, died, undoubtedly at their hands, and they are still trying to slander and disparage him.

Please note: The condition of my brother's body at the funeral leads me to conclude his body needs to be exhumed. I strongly suspect he was harvested, his heart and eyes at the least. It may also be notable that he adamantly did not want to be cremated (realizing, as I do at this point with my own body, that his body contained much evidence).

Gail "Bo" Schrader Obituary

Mercedes Busing-Ong
Sedalia, Missouri

This is Bo's daughter, Mercedes Busing-Ong, who is another family of origin decedent. Mercedes was married and moved out of her lifelong jurisdiction (Sedalia) shortly (a couple of years) prior to her death, to Kansas City, MO

Mercedes suffered with a rare disease about half of her short life, which also needs to be investigated as a homicide due to the fact that approximately 5 times a perpetrator has or has attempted to inject me with something while claiming they had "chosen your [my] disease." 

Mercedes Busing-Ong, Bo's firstborn

Mercedes was a Christian, which seems to be especially offensive to these lunatics. So, Sedalia will be requested to investigate this death, including this aspect of targeting, as well as the welfare of the entire Busing family and Mercedes mother, Kim and siblings. The rest of my family of origin long ago moved back to Kansas City from Sedalia, including Toni but I think Terry's father and step-mother still live there.

Mercedes Busing-Ong Obituary

Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader, Obituary Kansas City MO
Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader

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