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Smithville Camping, Gangstalkers and State Trooper Water Drills - 2013

In the late summer of 2013 I went to Smithville to get away - read, write and reflect. Shortly thereafter, here came the parade of gangstalking trolls.

Smithville Marina
Smithville Lake Marina, (parking lot referred to below is to the right of the marina, "restaurant/ranger station" referred to is up the ramp/walk).

  • First, there was a camper named Toni (half-sibling, Mason's wife. I had no reason at that time to even fathom these people were swirling around me in their little psycho disguises, as I have no idea if this was actually her or one of the "wing dings") and another camper telling me how the rangers watch people on the boats at night. The conversation continued regarding how they watch people at night who were out on the water in their boats years ago, including or heavily implying people who had sex on their boats. (Buzz and I stayed all night on the boat years ago, and in the larger context they had tried prior to this to convince me with their commentary that I have been watched by the Illuminati or Masons my entire life. So this was to convince me the rangers were watching Buzz and I years ago even on the boat at night). 

  • Then there was a park ranger strongly resembling the late Greg Schrader

  • The older couple at the ticket booth at the park of the camping ground that closes after the season, not the side that stays open all year, he seemed to be repeatedly and intentionally annoying me.

  • There were resemblances of Larry Lewis and Alfi camping next to me - the two of them having a meal, etc., as a couple. Larry Lewis (Shriner) told me in person in 2000, "I want to marry Alfi if she is ever single." (She is an excellent cook and all he did was mooch meals from women on AOL. He was RedFiat on AOL).

  • There was a mint condition black El Camino, identical to the one Mr. Harper drove years ago parked at Kelli's Korner. There was a photo of this in one of my stolen photo albums. 

  • I ate at Kelli's Korner most mornings. One morning I walked in there to a tall, really weird male dressed in some almost medieval outfit with a robe (like an ancient king or something would wear), black, velvet maybe. When I walked in I walked into the ladies room as he was saying, "We're gonna have us a funeral at" this here "Smithville Masonic Lodge." He went on and I could hear him in the ladies room, but I ignored it because they were trying to annoy or scare me.  

  • I pulled over facing the weeds in the parking lot of the restaurant/boat dock (which I guess is now the ranger station) trying to maintain my privacy. So, they continued their f*cktardom, er, I mean, there was then a two man motor boat going back and forth in front of me. The commentary was this one being taken by the old fart driving the boat was Alfi. Then he drove the boat back and brought another person to the "island," which was alleged to be Buzz, they were taking to the "island." There is no island at Smithville Lake that I'm aware of, but anyway.

  • Buzz was impersonated to me riding by on a bicycle. I think this was "Mr. Smiley," grinning from ear-to-ear, so proud of himself. However, he was of a smaller build than Buzz was when I was with him 25 years ago. Then there were a male and female laughing in the woods, which was supposed to be Buzz with his first girlfriend, Kristi. I was Buzz's second girlfriend.

  • Buzz, a pilot, was again impersonated (very convincingly facially, I might add*) to me, pulling up right beside me in a small red automobile, getting out a tent to camp for the night, etc., while a black Acura was across the water with two females ("the way he likes it" - this is gangstalking commentary from when I was on assignment at White Goss, not firsthand knowledge).  This was Tom Carew (TC or TEC) impersonating Buzz.

    • Over many years automobiles driven by a certain person at the time they were in my life have been used during their seemingly endless "showing off," which is actually harassment, terrorism, stalking, targeting, criminal acts, etc., to represent their current display of "mysterious brilliance" as being from or about that person. In this case, Tom Carew drove a black Acura (that he pointed out to me in person in 2005 at SMH is actually "midnight blue." Additional commentary was then added in Mission, Kansas that "cherry red is for virgins and midnight blue is for women who have had sex.) 
    • The commentary was later that if I had gotten out of my car to talk to "Buzz" I would have been dead. Then the commentary was that Buzz was at the bottom of the lake. Later it was Alfi, then it was allegedly Kristi.

  • There were, I am guessing, 30 State Trooper cruisers (about half of the boat dock parking lot) and maybe 8-12 white unmarked police cars - who I thought at the time were there doing water drills.  I did not think much of it until after the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping, which involved a distinctly fake white traditional Ford "cop car"- complete with a tank taking up half of the back seat and plexiglass that was not factory installed, while Tom Carew was impersonating an Overland Park police officer. I did not see any uniformed Missouri State Troopers, including the male driving the two-man boat back and forth in front of where I was parked.

  • There were Lewis signs on the side of the road on the route to town and back. 
  • In the Smithville QuikTrip Mark Thornhill (SFBB) engaged in directed conversation, "It's you ass."
  • 10/3/2013 - Robin at SAL sent me on an interview during my stay at Smithville Lake (which lasted into December) at 7400 West 110th Street. I walked in to the interview and sat down at a female's desk and the first thing I saw was a note on her desk with "Tom" written on it in rather large print. 
    • Then during the course of the conversation she explained how they have 16 attorneys but really 15. Tom has retired. Then she said he hasn't retired but he's submitted his retirement letter. She said Kurt (or Kirk?) is who I (meaning me) will be working for and that he's high maintenance. (Tom Carew (TC) told me at SHM in 2005 that I'm high maintenance).

*I received gangstalking commentary in Mission, Kansas that "he has invested in convincing masks" and believe me they are convincing.  I have witnessed, and can testify, to this gangstalking commentary being absolutely true. Someone has indeed "invested in convincing masks" and is impersonating people.


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Spencer Fane Britt and Browne

Spencer Fane has been my favorite law firm for decades. So, it grieves me to have to articulate this, too. Years ago SFBB had what I considered a truly exceptional work environment and team. Many of the staff and lawyers had worked together for years and there wasn't all of the gossip or backbiting. Elaine Crider's HR leadership was excellent in my opinion. However, they had a number of people retiring at the same time, which was discussed years ahead of time. I worked at SFBB two summers during law school, as well as at other times - before and after. I think I have covered every desk in SFBB several times over the years - some more than others. 

When I became a grandmother in law school, Joy took up a collection. They gave me a card signed by everyone, two huge packages of diapers and some other things for the baby. Joy later retired and Robin at Secretary-at-Law told me Joy is her step-mother. Elaine and others have also retired.

However, I am concerned because Mark engaged in directed conversation toward me in late 2013 in the Smithville QT. "It's your ass." Mark's secretary has often been sick for as long as I can remember, and I have covered his desk many times over the years. I am concerned about Linda who sits next to his secretary, too. Also, based on what I noticed the last time I was there, I am very concerned about Elizabeth and Norm.

Additionally, Kay has been a secretary at SFBB for a number of years. Kay was involved in perpetration against me during the gangstaling that repeatedly nearly took my life in 2005/6.

Going back many years, Kay has openly discussed with me the fact that she believes her job at SFBB is an "assignment from God" to convert the Jewish lawyer she works for - one of the Davids she is assigned to.

The other David on Kay's desk was, and may still be, David Seitter, Trustee of the Bankruptcy Court. During my ordeal in 2005/6, a picture of David Seitter was put in front of me with him having hair plugs made out of my blonde hair (that was grown long, but chopped so badly it took a full year to grow out - yes, they even took my hair!) I think he was targeted, identity assumed, not a perpetrator. 

I have been back to SFBB since I worked for Tom Carew at Stinson, where a severe workplace mobbing took place in 2005, and like Bill Sanders, Jr., I do not see any way the man practicing law as David Seitter is the same man who was practicing law as David Seitter a couple of decades ago.

Years ago Kay, Nikki and I went to lunch on a regular basis. Nikki, Kay's suite mate for years, retired a number of years ago. I then heard about a year later that she died of cancer. Nikki, a Jehovah's Witness, but certainly not one with the negative stereotypes sometimes attached to it, was one of the nicest women you would ever meet. 

There was another death at SFBB also, which was from cancer too. Additionally, there was a SFBB lawyer on the paperwork Tom Carew had organizing (founding, creating) Data Recovery Connect during my time at Stinson in 2005. It was not David Seitter. 

Smithville QT Directed Conversation 

Mark (SFBB) engaged in directed conversation in late 2013 at the Smithville, MO QuikTrip. He was standing at the counter talking to someone standing in front of him. As I walked by he looked me in the face and said, "It's your ass." He then continued his conversation. 

I did not think much about it at the time, until after the May 2014 ordeal. However, while being detained during the drugging and kidnapping in May of 2014, a young black male walked by me in the commons area of the facility and said, "Tom Carew on that ass." The injuries I sustained during the ordeal include but are certainly not limited to that area of my body.

 Kelly Christensen

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ed Spalty Assignment at Armstrong Teasdale

Expressing Political Views on Your FB Page Prohibited by AT

by Kelly Ann Christensen - (Schrader)

A few years ago, I believe it was in 2012, Secretary-at-Law sent me on an interview for an assignment at Armstrong Teasdale. I went to the interview. My instincts told me not to accept the assignment even though I could not state any specific reason why. I waited to see what they decided, and received the call with the date they wanted me to start. I needed to pay my bills, so I did something I do not often do. I went against that inner voice and accepted the assignment.

Armstrong Teasdale flew me to their St. Louis headquarters for a few days of training. While I was there in St. Louis in the middle of the training sessions, with several new employees, signing paperwork, slipped into the middle of this was an agreement that was required for employment, even on a temporary basis, that we could not express our political opinions on our own personal Facebook page. The reason given for this requirement for employment was that it might anger one of their clients. I questioned this and the response to the class was, again, that it is required for employment, even temporarily employment.

Carolee, who according to my office mentor (the AT employee who was at that time "showing me the ropes" back in the Kansas City office), watches the obituaries as if they are the stock market, was out for several weeks on medical leave. I was filling in for her. At the time, I did not find that comment unusual because firms sometimes do watch the obituaries, perhaps not so excitedly, but they watch them just the same.

In any case, I was covering Carolee's desk supporting Ed Spalty. During that time Ed suffered an appendicitis while overseas causing his trip to be extended. After his recovery from his harrowing, near death experience, returning to the states and the office, he walked by my desk discussing with another male how stupid Christians are. Ed had about a three foot tall golden Buddha on his credenza in his office, which I never commented on whatsoever. However, Ed felt comfortable not only expressing his religious beliefs in the workplace, but also disparaging the beliefs of others. So, I find this to be especially offensive and inappropriate. If it was directed conversation, he had no legitimate reason to even know I am a Christian.

Also, Carolee and I had words over her gossiping about me in which I told her if she has a problem with me she needs to talk to me about it, not everyone else.  Carolee was ridiculing me to another employee named Toni, including in emails calling me "scary" and to the best of my recollection other names too. I ended up reporting the situation to Armstrong Teasdale's Human Resources prior to finishing up my assignment there, something I do not think I have ever initiated in my entire work life. 

Armstrong Teasdale's office work environment is one of the most dysfunctional, toxic I have experienced. It stands in stark contrast, for example, to firms like Spencer Fane. My AT office mentor additionally commented that Ed struts around like he owns the place but that he had not even built up this hotel account, rather the man who did died.

I am concerned for Darren, who works with Ed. I am concerned for Linda, who works for an attorney in an office near the office manager. Linda is struggling with many issues that were conveyed to me by my AT office mentor. Linda's attorney yells at her constantly and treats her badly in general. I am also concerned for the two, attractive, young, female associates on that same floor, and Victoria.

I am continuing to be hacked, (and this posting was hacked like so many others), at the Johnson County Public Library, so I am currently unable to publish the podcast but the text to speech can be found at

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Document Review for Shirley at Baker Sterchi

Posted to FB April 23, 2016 -

A few years after leaving SMH, I accepted an assignment from Secretary-at-Law to work on a huge pharmaceutical case regarding hormone replacement doing document review. One of the several middle aged men running the project in the basement stated it had been ongoing for ten or more years.

Shirley, a highly respected, intelligent, beautiful black woman who was in HR at Stinson Morrison Hecker when I started the assignment, but took a job here, at Baker Sterchi, in the middle of my time working for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker, was in their HR Department when I was there. I was concerned enough about her to walk to Baker Sterchi on Crown Center during the holidays to touch base with her, but the receptionist said she does not work there anymore.

Kelly Christensen

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Randy HendrickS Assignment at Rouse HendrickS German May

Mr. Randy Hendricks

January 2010 – Secretary-at-Law sent me to Rouse Hendricks German May to cover the secretarial desk for Larry Rouse and Randy Hendricks in January 2010. The secretarial desks were right outside of and in between Randy’s office and Kirk May’s office. Kirk never said one word to me the entire 8 months or so I worked there and I sat right outside his office. 

Soon after I started, Myra (paralegal to Kirk May) told me a story about Randy’s last secretary drinking, getting in trouble with the law, and Randy helping her. Then, she got in trouble again, and I think she said he finally had to let her go. 

Approximately three weeks into my assignment they hired Jaime, a stunning and intelligent young woman, to be Randy’s secretary. Then, Myra sat an envelope of Randy's vacation home photos on Jaime's desk, saying Randy wanted her to look at them. I think they were setting Randy up. Randy was always professional, courteous, respectful and appropriate to Jaime and I the entire time I worked in their office. I am concerned about Jaime, Katie and Randy, and I am also concerned about Charlie. I stayed on to train Jaime because she had no legal background. Once Jaime was trained I was retained to do document review on the huge financial case Randy was working on - ACI v. JPM, while continuing to be available to Jaime if she had questions. 

When this change to document review was made, Brianne tried to pay me $8 an hour less than everyone else was making who was doing document review on this case. When I challenged her on it, she said Chris (the RHGM office manager) "conceded" and I would be paid the same $25 an hour to do document review that everyone else was making. However, Brianne was angry about it and threw a little tantrum outside the building shortly thereafter. (Note: My billable hours working on this case, which were listed on Rouse Hendricks German May letterhead, was one of the documents stolen when my backpack was stolen a few weeks ago. I later found my backpack, a few days later, wet, setting on the side of the road.)

Tom Carew Shows Up at RHGM

In the summer of 2010, it was announced that RHGM was moving to the Stinson building at which time I warned Jaime to be careful in that building. Shortly thereafter Tom Carew called Jaime, asked for Kirk May and was transferred to Kirk. I was at the desk right outside Kirk’s office when he loudly said during this conversation, "Carewski!" then a moment later, “Everyone wants to f*ck that!” to Tom Carew. A day or two later (July 6, 2010, I believe) Tom Carew showed up at RHGM, glaring at me from the conference room as I got on and off of the elevator.

My Children's "Auto Accident" in Slidell, LA

Four days later I was told my daughter and two young grandsons were in a near fatal car accident in Slidell, LA that "broke every bone" in my daughter’s face. I went to New Orleans to see my daughter in the hospital having allegedly just come out of something like 14 hours of surgery to reconstruct her face. However, her face did not have one bandage, stitch, laceration or even bruise (although the photo I was sent did show a bruised left eye) when I saw her. She did nearly lose her left eye, which at this point I am wondering if the psychopaths gave my independent, strong, well above average IQ daughter a lobotomy. (Yes, I am serious.) 

Transorbital Lobotomy Procedure a/k/a "Ice Pick" Lobotomy

Approximately five or six months ago I was shown a picture of my youngest grandson, with that same look on this face stating “his eye is getting better.” My oldest grandson also had this unexplained look for a period of time several years ago, 2006 I believe. He was completely healthy, high IQ and well-adjusted previously, too. I am also wondering if that is not what Tom Carew did to me when I worked for him, causing me to not be able to think quickly or clearly, or retain short term memory for at least the following 18 months.*

In 2014, I wrote some of what had happened to me at the hands of Tom Carew while working for him at Stinson in 2005 on my FB page. Shortly thereafter, I was drugged, bullied into a fake police car...kidnapped and committed, by Tom Carew, who was impersonating an Overland Park police officer with no insignia on the uniforms or car, in May 2014. He took me to Olathe Medical Center, but claimed to have taken me to Overland Park Regional. See numerous other postings.

*Additionally, I noticed similar looks on the faces of Otis when he was arrested, Lucy's (my late brother Bo's widow) new boyfriend's face on her FB page, and the photo of Samantha McCann's (Slidell) newest girlfriend on FB a year or two ago, while the young, blonde female was standing in between Sam and Rhett in the photo). 

Also see: 

Ethanol Lobotomy Procedure by Live Science

My Lobotomy: Ice Pick You!

Written by Kelly Christensen

Westbrooke Glenn / A Signature Community - NYC

Westbrooke Glenn Apartments, Shawnee, Kansas (formerly managed by A Signature Community, Art and Linda, New York City) – Connie Taylor, who verbally went off on me as soon as she got every last bit of home furnishings and household goods she was interested in from me when I moved. She was annoyed that I did not just give it to her as I previously had given her sheets, towels, etc., for one of the two of her grandchildren - Ashley or Amber.

After an explosion on her end of the building, she moved in right underneath my apartment. She had been talking to me through her window when I got in and out of my car, as was her roommate John Sixta sometimes, in the months prior to her move to the apartment beneath me. I am concerned about the older African American man she claimed has been her boyfriend for 30 years. I do not know his name, but he lives in a house I think was in Independence.

See all those? Those are all toe tags - Connie Taylor

When I moved in in January of 2010 (at the same time I started an assignment at Rouse Hendricks German May), Matt the manager then moved me in right directly over someone’s apartment who smelled like pot and other fumes all the time and his blinds were even melted. When I complained that I was having to walk through a fog of marijuana odor (which I can’t stand) after work every day, (and God only knows what else), Matt said there was nothing he could do about it. He also claimed his brother was a cop.

After about two months of complaining, Matt moved me into another apartment. It was clearer and nicer inside, but for the next approximately 8 months the woman downstairs and her three children kept me up until 2:00 in the morning most nights. Matt also did nothing about this. What I now recognize as noise campaigns, got increasingly worse. At one point the music was so loud that I could not hear my own television sitting on my own sofa in my living room, over the music.

Shortly before I moved out of Westbrook Glenn, after it had changed management companies, and the new one required parking stickers on cars, Connie pointed to the parking stickers as we were driving by them through the parking lot and told me, “See all those? (Pointing to parking stickers) Those are all toe tags.” Based on the environment of the complex the approximately three years I lived there, this is a claim not easily dismissed.

A Signature Community ran this complex as if it was their own little country. There was no notice anyone was entering your apartment (and I many times saw footprints on my freshly vacuumed carpeting), nor was there a notice that someone had been in your apartment. Apartment unit keys disappeared from the office. There were approximately 50 year old furnaces with no covers, layers of dirt and dust, no filters, but the Shawnee Fire Department came out in their fire engine and said they thought it looked fine. Someone also kept kicking the locked furnace room door open on the west end of the building, where my furnace and a few others were located, rather than in the basement. The gas company red tagged the service because natural gas was blowing through the vents into my kitchen. I reported codes violations which went unresolved. Gasses in the air in my apartment were visible the entire time I lived there, which could be seen only in the sunlight when I opened a window (which I always did because I smoke). There was black dust in [the] vents (asbestos suspected). There was also mold, which Matt did address in one instance and claim he would address in another instance. (There is a black mold theme going back to 2000 in the house Larry Lewis owned and rented to Robert and Alfi for years, down south with my children (asbestos/mold trailer at one point), myself, etc.) The lawn at Westbrook Glenn was mowed, literally, maybe once or twice a summer.

In the three winters I lived there, the parking lot was plowed one time, and that when there was 8 inches of snow. They hired a guy with a blade on his truck who essentially plowed all of the cars in because someone complained an ambulance could not even enter if needed. Photographic evidence is gone because the last three Verizon picture phones I owned were stolen.

The water returned with a Britta test with approximately 435 or 469 toxins, with only approximately 35 reported on the Britta website down the street in Shawnee, Kansas. 

I was told prior to moving from my Westbrook Glenn Apartment, gangstalking commentary style “You move, you die.” 

Word Count: 798

Kelly Ann Christensen

Friday, June 17, 2016

Tom Carew Impersonating Medical Personnel at Liberty Hospital, Liberty, Missouri - 2005

"Were you sexually abused as a child?" Tom Carew impersonating medical personnel at Liberty Hospital at 2 in the morning 2005
Tom Carew while impersonating medical personnel at 2:00 a.m. at Liberty Hospital

After enduring a severe workplace mobbing at Stinson Morrison Hecker while working for Tom Carew, and being gangstalked out of our Overland Park duplex in late 2005, Kay took me to Liberty Hospital and I was admitted for dehydration (and one other time for dehydration and pneumonia):

In the middle of the night, at approximately 2 o'clock in the morning, Tom Carew, the attorney I had just worked for at Stinson Morrison Hecker, while impersonating medical personnel, entered my room wanting two things:

1. He wanted to know if I was sexually abused as a child; and

2. He repeatedly attempted to bully me into signing a consent form for a gastrointestinal operation I did not need.* I was actually sitting up in my hospital bed reviewing and amending the terms, when, after repeatedly aggressively stating, "Just sign it," he exited the room. At this time I got up to use the ladies room in my room. When I did, I looked down the hallway because I heard him talking. He was sitting down the hall in a white doctor's jacket, and said into his cell phone: "I don't know what to do. I can't get her to sign it. She won't sign it."

Due to the fact that I lost my automobile from Tom Carew drugging and kidnapping me in 5/2014, while he was impersonating an Overland Park police officer, and repeated attempts to file a full police report or contact the KBI and FBI via the computer at the Cedar Roe Library (where I have been hacked repeatedly), the only way I was able to attempt to advise Liberty Hospital (to warn), was to submit the information on their webpage from the Cedar Roe Public Library.

*My abdominal scar from ingesting Drain-o (lye) as a baby (one year old) has since been botched, (it appears partially reopened without my consent or knowledge in 5/2014, perhaps again, and the scar botched up from the smooth scar it was. It appears my abdominal muscles were also severed, and my tracheotomy reopened as well), from the original very successful, (and I was told as a child and young adult - doctors were always interested wanting to know about it) groundbreaking operation at The University of Kansas Medical Center. The original operations reports documenting the procedures, performed in I believe 1965 and 1966, by Dr. Holden I believe, were also taken from my Overland Park, Kansas duplex in 2005. This was during the same period of time North Kansas City Hospital did a chest x-ray, telling me they thought I had a lump on my chest, only to return to tell me my "esophagus has been moved over." (This corresponds with events and evidence in my Overland Park duplex while I was working for Tom Carew, just prior to this and being gangstalked out of our home).

Liberty Hospital is also where by my late mother, Marie Francis Schrader was treated for approximately 20 months for small cell lung cancer from approximately July 2004 until shortly prior to her death in March 2006. It is also where I was admitted more than once, as well as Roberto DeLeon, Alfi's husband, being treated in the exact same room I was in. Roberto was taking five injections of insulin at the time from his diabetes. I am currently greatly concerned for Robert's well being.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hired by Stinson as Assistant to Thomas Edward Carew in 2005 (Part 2)

"Terrible things happen to the people who sit at that desk [Tom Carew's assistant]. One woman's son was kidnapped." Barb Fox, Stinson Workplace Mobbing in 2005
Barb Fox, Stinson Workplace Mobbing in 2005

by Kelly Ann Christensen  

Part way through my 2005 assignment at Stinson as Tom Carew's assistant, Stinson hired me for the position permanently with little or no input that I am of aware from Tom. I think they were just relieved, after repeatedly checking on me, to have found someone who would do the job and not be in tears constantly. Additionally, they were in the midst of what some coined a merger, and others a takeover, that may have been more hostile that I realized at the time - with Morrison Hecker, with Mark Foster* as the Managing Partner (who Tom did meet with and informed me both before and after his meeting). Morrison Hecker is a firm I have never heard one negative word about in all of my years in this arena. 

Shirley in Human Resources

Shirley was the human resources person when I started my assignment at Stinson Morrison Hecker. Shirley is a class act, highly respected, intelligent, attractive black woman in the local legal community. She somewhat resembles Halle Berry. She and I knew, trusted and respected one another, and I strongly suspect she was thoroughly documenting the situation with Tom Carew. 

A few months into my assignment, Shirley accepted a job at Baker Sterchi. Shirley had an ongoing relationship with Brianne, who shared with me that Shirley's mother had died the previous year and it was quite overwhelming to her. After Shirley left, I do not recall HR checking on me anymore as they had when Shirley was there. During the pinnacle of the mobbing and stalking, shortly prior or perhaps in the midst of my repeated hospitalizations for dehydration and pneumonia (having never been an in-patient at the hospital in my entire adult life with the exception of giving birth at 21 and second degree burns in my late twenties), Brianne took me to interview with Shirley at Baker Sterchi. I was undoubtedly in a drugged state as well. 

A few years later Brianne sent me to Baker Sterchi for a document review assignment, see the Baker Sterchi posting. I was so concerned about Shirley when I began to realize what is going on that I walked down to Baker Sterchi from Mission, Kansas, last holiday season. The receptionist at Baker Sterchi told me she no longer works there.

Theresa Mercer's Two Days with Tom Carew

I mentioned Theresa in the posting, Thomas Edward Carew Assignment at Stinson in 2005, Part 1, but I will reiterate it here.  Theresa Mercer was covering the desk as Tom Carew's assistant when I arrived at Stinson. She had only been covering the desk for two days and she was a nervous wreck. She shared with me that she was grieving her daughter's death, who I believe was her only child, while Tom Carew kept yelling at her. When I took over the desk, Theresa moved to the Corporate Woods Stinson office according to SMH's intranet. Stinson's Corporate Wood's office was listed as being located at 10975 Benson Drive, Suite 550.

"Terrible things happen to the people who sit at that desk [Tom Carew's assistant]. One woman's son was kidnapped." Barb Fox, Stinson Workplace Mobbing in 2005
Carmella Bowlin Quotes

Carmella Bowlin: Stinson IKON Copy Center

Carmella was my instant new best "Christian" friend from New Orleans who worked in the copy center on the same floor. Carmella often went of break with me, always verbally encouraging me to "go for it" with Tom [Carew]. Carmella also found another job in the middle of the workplace mobbing, at which time I told her it was as if she was "leaving me alone in hell." 

Carmella and I stayed "friends" after I left Stinson. She encouraged me for about two days to call Dale Reynolds when my child, grandchild and I were in dire straits at Matt's in Orrick. She kept insisted he would help us, and even though I could barely function, I kept insisting that he wouldn't. Finally I called him, which is or will be articulated under the Dale Reynolds label.

Later that year she decorated my apartment in red and black, New Orleans style. She then also encouraged me to focus on Ken, another perpetrator (unbeknownst to me at the time) who had moved in next door to me a couple of weeks (3-4) after I moved into The Retreat of Shawnee in June of 2006.

In 2010, after not seeing Carmella for about three years, I ran into her downtown while I was working at Rouse Hendricks German May. We had about a two minute conversation in which she said, "You should call Tom [Carew]. He wants those long legs wrapped around him." I could not believe at the time that she even said that. I just went back to work.

Barb Fox: Secretary to Paul Donnelly

Paul Donnelly's secretary sat not far from me, right around the corner of the center cubicles that ran with room for a work space on each side of the center partition. One day I stopped at her desk to tell her there were fingerprints all over the dust (from the construction around the building) on my SUV on both front door handles. This was when I was just really beginning to notice something strange was happened. She seemed almost giddy as she asked me what I thought it was. Barb also told me, "Terrible things happen to the people who sit at that desk. One woman's son was kidnapped."

Angelic, Beautiful Blonde Sitting at Desk Behind Barb's Desk

There was a stunning, truly almost angelic looking young blonde woman sitting at the desk behind Barb Fox's desk one day with bloodshot eyes, staring blankly into space. I noticed something was wrong with her but I thought she was an employee waiting to start working, like orientation. Now I am scared half to death what happened to her!  At some point right here, Tom Carew walked around the corner going back to his office while pulling his pants up (up further by his belt, they were not down) as if he had just "gotten the horse back in the barn." I much later received gangstalker commentary that Tom had intentionally "busted her uterus" to "trauma bond" this "presidential model."

I think this is the same woman whose wedding several of us women in the office attended. It was a strange ceremony, which include vows discussing how he was "chasing her in the woods" or "caught her in the woods." She also look dissociated and drugged. She was so much more attractive than he was it caused to you to wonder, but never at that time would I have ever wondered the kinds of things I sometimes wonder after some of these experiences.

Young Blonde Associate with Little Boys

There was also a young, blonde associate two office down from Tom Carew, on the other side of Mike, ex-DOJ. She had two or I think maybe three little boys she told me she was taking to the doctor again due to their rare brain conditions. I think she lived in the housing additions in Shawnee not far from my half-sister and brother-in-law, the Carvers.

Penny Slicer / Trademark and Patent Lawyer

I am very concerned about Penny. I only worked with her for two weeks covering her desk, but she has been referred to repeatedly since then with commentary often coupled with literal sliced pennies.  


Other Notes

I sent an email to KU Law Professor Prater.

There was also something in there with David Seitter (Trustee of the Bankruptcy Court, SFBB) with hair plugs using my hair, as ridiculous as that sounds. I am very concerned about David.
I sent an email to Ted,, a KCMO Water Department (supervisor, I believe) I had known for years from the AOL Kansas City Over 40 chatroom. Several months ago in Mission, Kansas the gangstalkers informed me that unbeknownst to me Ted and I were married and he is dead.

I emailed Lana, Tru2me701 at from my desk at Stinson. (Detective Dick)

KU Law Professor Davis was also at Stinson during this time, I passed him at the elevators.

Spike Lynch, head of medical malpractice group at BSPM, who I knew from assisting Kathy at BSPM 1999-2000, walked by the window outside the deli across the street from Stinson when Tom Carew and I were having lunch. Mr. Lynch looks very angry.

Other Notes

When perpetrators toxify, drug and/or poison someone, it causes that person to smell bad. This might be disgusting, but I think it is very relevant. The ladies room at Stinson smelled terrible all the time. I mean to the point that I would hold something over my nose even sometimes in order to use the ladies room. It was even so bad a couple of times that it hit my gag reflex. 

I know this sounds crazy, and that's because IT IS. At the pinnacle of my workplace mobbing, a perpetrator told me Tom has cameras in the toilet so he can see "everything" when you sit down. Further, to think about it like I was "sitting on his face." This was terribly traumatic, violating and humiliating at the time, making even going to the ladies room an ordeal and violation. 

Grant Michael Christensen, shortly prior to being targeted.

*The gangstalking commentary was repeatedly "Grant Foster."

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lansing Grain, Overland Park, Kansas

Posted to FB on Friday, April 8, 2016
by Kelly Christensen

Now try to remember I am not an international spy, only a concerned targeted citizen who has floated around this local legal community for the last approximately 25 years as a legal secretary, legal assistant, law student and JD. I have never carried truth serum with me to any of these firms or to The University of Kansas School of Law, and there is indeed intentional deception and, perhaps, a fibber or two in these situations. Thus, I repeatedly attempt to report my concerns to law enforcement agencies.

I am of sound mind and not afraid to prove it, following the testing of those perpetrators involved, of course, since I am the concerned citizen with clean hands [edit added for clarity: this is a legal doctrine to the moron who attempted to make it sexual] and they are the criminals. A previous personality test returned with my thinking being 93% analytical as opposed to emotional, and 97% so under stress. I can assure you I am indeed under stress. So I would appreciate not being treated as if I am either an international spy, nor as if I am a silly little girl who just “got her period.”

Stinson Morrison Hecker – Thomas Edward Carew (TEC)

Secretary-at-Law sent me on assignment in May 2005 to work for Tom Carew for one month, giving me a $500 bonus (while my mother was dying of cancer) to do so because “he yells.” Now I have known Brianne Hampton for approximately 25 years and her business demeanor has changed considerably in the last decade or so. So, I am also concerned that she may have been lassoed and/or perpetrating, too.

In any case, SMH then hired me as an employee, assistant to Tom Carew. While working for Tom Carew he gave me the password to his email. While sorting through his inbox and email I came across an email from Bill Krueger (Lansing Grain). It stated the name and address of a female Tom had “grabbed” and I believe it may have said on a beach, but I am uncertain of that part. It then listed a name and address which I have no recollection of at all. Like so many things that happened during my few months working for Tom Carew, this appears to incriminate someone else. (However, that is exactly how he fools people, so do not make the everyday assumptions you normally would take for granted.) I do not recall seeing an outside address on the email. What I do recall is Tom Carew bullying a SMH IT guy. I also recall Mr. Krueger standing awkwardly back from Tom’s office door and from my desk while Tom walked into his office and back. This could have been Tom’s social retardation, but I suspect it was something more, in context, because Mr. Krueger was sending out an extraordinarily serious, infuriated vibe and body language. Keep in mind, I was repeatedly drugged at my desk, so he could have been, too.

Additionally, there was a very classy, attractive redhead who met briefly with Tom who it was later suggested to me was Mr. Krueger’s wife. Additionally, there were fumes coming out of the ventilation system on me at my desk as SMH (as well as many other times since, including my current residence in Mission). This was after a maintenance man worked on the ventilation system with a ladder, directly above my desk. Based on Mike’s, an ex-DOJ lawyer in the office next to Tom’s, apparent drowsiness, I suspect he was also breathing something toxic as well. This was after Tom Carew, in a style that is consistent from this vantage point, told me, “You’re like a breath of fresh air.” (Many atrocities that are unfathomable to most were bragged about in just this casual manner to my face). So, my starting point for a conclusion, which might be considered a crime tip, is that Tom Carew, a well-known bully who some in the office were so afraid of they would not even hand him a piece of paper, was lassoing Mr. Krueger.

Kelly Christensen
5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B
Mission, Kansas 66202

Document 702
Submitted March 14, 2016 as Document 400
Hand-delivered to Mission Police Department and Roeland Park Police Department 3/14/2016
Hand-delivered to Overland Park Police Department 3/21/2016
Please do not consider any of this reporting complete until I have sat down with an officer in person and completed reports, as I am of sound mind, but a bit overwhelmed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gregory NMN Schrader Obituary, Kansas City, Kansas

Gregory NMN Schrader Obituary, Kansas City, Kansas 1990
Gregory NMN Schrader Obtiuary

Published to FB on April 9, 2016
by Kelly Christensen
Greg NMN Schrader - “Paw Paw” is on his headstone in Edwardsville.
While drugged (unbeknownst to me at the time), in the beginning of the workplace mobbing and gangstalking that became over and continues to this day, while working for Thomas Edward Carew, partner (attorney) at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005, the subject of the late Greg NMN Schrader came up between Tom and I. The newspaper article I had from the event of Greg Schrader's death disappeared from my Overland Park, Kansas duplex at 9308 West 77th Street. (This duplex was very nicely kept by the then landlord, Larry Kilroy, but now looks like a flop house).

Tom mentioned several things for several days in a row that had occurred in the privacy of my home the night before and characteristics of my home and/or belongings, letting me know he was watching me and leaving the office to go through my things in my home during work hours. When this discussion occurred between Tom and I he was also handed the folder my late mother, Marie Francis Schrader (who was terminally ill with small cell lung cancer at the time), had with her notes on the matter. After this conversation between Tom Carew and I, he stated to me in his office at Stinson that he represented (is the attorney for) the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. I think this was Tom Carew's springboard to start a whole lot of trouble.
I think the very purpose of the drugging at this point during this workplace mobbing and gangstalking was for his target to "spill their guts" in order that he might use any revealed secrets against you. (According to office gossip I was his 22rd assistant in two years and he was going to be fired if he "lost" another one - me). In any case, I do not really have any big secrets, such as things that can be used against me. But, there were two situations discussed: Greg Schrader and one other situation which was in no way criminal. It is my opinion that Tom Carew used this situation as a springboard, or that it is related to the current situation in some way. 
In 1990, my step-father, Greg NMN Schrader, was killed by the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. He was an alcoholic pedophile. Only one sibling still loved him by the time he died. She was upset, stating they were lying. I went with her to the police station, verbally cornered a detective, and he was p*ssed as hell about the fact.

(One year later) my mother asked me to find a lawyer to pursue the situation. I did so and went with her to the consultation. The lawyer advised her to be certain all of her children were out of Wyandotte County because lives would be in danger. That was the end of it to the best of my knowledge.

As articulated in other submissions, atrocities unfathomable to most were put in my face by casually mentioning such things to me at my desk at SMH. An unidentified female said to me at my desk, “Everyone has a look alike [or double] somewhere.” Additionally, I had a telephone discussion with Alfi from my Stinson Morrison Hecker desk in which she asked me if I had been to the Courthouse downtown. I responded that I had not. She said she saw someone at the Courthouse that looked just like me, she thought it was me.

Additionally, I had my picture taken for the intranet (internal) on which I was listed as Tom Carew’s assistant. I had short hair and red eyes, looking as if I had just rolled out of bed from a three day drunk. My hair was long and grown out longer than usual at that time (we had a five generation picture taken) and given all of the Photoshopped (or Corel) photographs, my stolen photo albums, (as the attempt to rewrite history continues), that was the case in this situation as well.
Given the 2014 drugging and kidnapping, for example, as well as other nearly unthinkable maneuvers documented in other submissions, I strongly suspect a lawsuit or some similar action (for example: Tom Carew informing them that one of us were threatening such an action, then providing the "solution"), was taken in this matter unbeknownst to me,
*be it in my name or any version of it (Mize (birth), Schrader (adopted), Gatewood (married), Christensen (legal name change in 1991)), or Reynolds - Reynolds is a name I have never legally had, but was told during perpetration against me approximately 5 years ago ‘you’re not adopted,’ the identity theft currently in progress against me, as well as threats that my bar number has already been falsified, someone will be living my life and all I will be able to do is watch, etc),
*my late brother’s name (Gail “Bo” Thomas Schrader – killed in December of 2006 by allegedly being struck by two vehicles while crossing I-35, then dragged 85 feet, whom I believe was harvested - eyes and heart at the least, homicide investigation requested electronically from Cedar Roe Library computer and via U.S. Mail from the main Mission Post Office), and/or
*my late mother’s name, Marie “Check” Francis Schrader – died in March 2006, alleged from small cell lung cancer, but with what I now recognize as markings of targeting (such as suspected asbestos, mold being stuffed down my throat while drugged in my own bed during 2005 while working for Tom Carew and the current microwaving/radar/lasers and/or other not yet more specifically identified directed toward me to this day in Mission, Kansas, etc). To the best of my knowledge, no one living or deceased has pursued this matter in the courts or otherwise,
**and I certainly did not.
Thus, the repeated entering of our Overland Park, Kansas duplex, both while we were gone during the day and while sleeping at night, where even my then three year old grandson I was raising, was poisoned and drugged, I believe my daughter was raped in her basement bedroom, I was penetrated vaginally, orally and anally (see additional submissions) in 2005 while I was working for Tom Carew. This was first blamed by perpetrators on the Overland Park Police Department, then for quite some time on the Kansas City Kansas Police Department, then more recently black people (using the “n” word slang), “n” from Louisiana (see Slidell/New Orleans, LA submissions).
This workplace mobbing and gangstalking resulted in me repeatedly being hospitalized and/or treated for dehydration and pneumonia, then being committed at Christmas in front of my child, to Truman Medical Center, for the first time in my life at the age of 41, (there could not convincingly have been a bogus schizophrenia diagnosis placed on me, and there was not, as I believe there was on my late brother, because it generally presents by age 20, an age close to when I believe he began being targeted (additional submissions regarding Bo).

Dale Reynolds stated to me in early 2006 while we were at Matt’s in Orrick, MO, where the gangstalking and crimes continued, that my late half-sibling, Robin Reynolds (whom I met once, she was married, with two kids, to a cop) died in the same manner “snapping” (his interpretation, not mine - suicide) in 1993 as I had just nearly died at that time) with the only other such incident in my life being nearly a decade later during the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping in which Tom Carew impersonated an officer complete with a fake (meaning it had plexiglass that was not factory installed and a tank filling half of the backseat), unmarked police cruiser with a hose running through the plexiglass gassing me from the moment he entered the car. (see additional submission).  This following articulating some of the crimes on my FB page.

At age 41, (when I worked for Tom Carew at Stinson) I had never been admitted to the hospital in my entire adult life except to give birth and briefly for the second degree burns on my feet about a decade prior to this workplace mobbing and gangstalking.

Additionally, Deleta told me at the end of my childhood sexual abuse therapy that I am one of the emotionally healthiest people she knows. (I also received threats against her, she is a KU graduate of the MSW program and was at Wyandot Mental Health when I saw her decades ago).

Also see Mission and Kansas City Police Departments 3/8/2016 - which may have been both or may have been the crafty, apparently Tom Carew dominated Mission Police Department stirring up more trouble, as Tom Carew did when I worked for him at Stinson in 2005. This is especially true since Tom Carew is obviously allowed to run around Johnson County, or maybe even beyond, in a police uniform, impersonating an officer. So, it may not have been KCKSPD at all?

Also see

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thomas Edward Carew Assignment at Stinson in 2005, Part 1

Quote by Stinson employee regarding working for Tom Carew.

by Kelly Ann Christensen
The day after Memorial Day 2005, I started an assignment through Secretary-at-Law working for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker. Brianne gave me a $500 bonus for agreeing to take the assignment for one month. Once I was there, she would not let me out - by telling me she did not have anything else. I had completed an assignment for SMH the previous summer, including working in their Crown Center office during their move to the downtown building at 10th and Walnut. It was at my desk in the Crown Center office, where

I received the telephone from JoAnn (Mize Mackey) LaTourneau of Lenexa, Kansas, my late mother, Marie Francis (Mize) Schrader's youngest sibling, in July 2004, telling me in the middle of the day that my mother not only had terminal lung cancer, but also only had two months to live. I barely even saw the attorney I was working for, not do I recall do any work for him during those weeks and months. However, I thought I was establishing another ongoing professional relationship with another local firm when I returned to Stinson to work for Tom Carew.

When I started this assignment working for Tom Carew my mother's small cell lung cancer was in remission after being treated by Liberty Hospital. Theresa Mercer was on the desk. She had only been covering the desk for two days and she was a nervous wreck. She shared with me that she was grieving her daughter's death, who I believe was her only child, while Tom Carew kept yelling at her. When I took over the desk, Theresa moved to the Corporate Woods Stinson office according to their intranet. It was located at 10975 Benson Drive*, Suite 550, Overland Park, Kansas. This was consistent with what Brianne has told me about Tom, he yells.

According to office rumor Tom Carew had gone through 22 assistants in the two years prior to my assignment and employment at SMH in May of 2005. His situation was also grim in that if he lost another assistant he would be fired. In person at the time, Tom verbally agreed with the last half of this statement (that he would be fired if he lost another assistant), but denied the first half stating he had had one assistant for 7 years.

Tom Carew had a terrible reputation around the firm. No one said "good morning" to him when he came in in the morning. Some were even afraid of him as the gossip about him whirled around me from every direction. There was one woman who had a document for him who handed it to me because she said he was afraid to even give it to him herself. I thought at the time maybe the gossip has just gotten out of control due to his yelling. I did not dream there was an attorney practicing law in what was at the time one of if not the biggest firm in this city.

If he escalated I was to report to HR, then they would let me go home for the day. After the first time or two, I was then told based on my own judgment; if he escalated I could leave for the day without reporting to HR. There was a total of four times he escalated and I left for the day.

As the assignment progressed, I was drugged unbeknownst to me at the time. It was intentionally to cause a person to share their deepest secrets in order that those secrets might be used against the targeted person. I do not really have any secrets like that, but two situations were discussed: the death of the late Greg Schrader and the situation that occurred years prior with Brianne, SHB and the judge.

Greg NMN Schrader, step-father, shot and killed by KCK police in 1990.
Donald F. Martin, whom I worked for at BSPM 199-2000, was brought up.

Professor Davis visited SMH during this time, I just passed him at the elevator.

Jeff Kaeser, my child's father figure and a man I was engaged to approximately 30 years ago. Jeff Kaeser was nowhere to be found during the overt gangstalking, and repeated entry into my Overland Park, Kansas duplex. Tom Carew had me clean out his email which was about to be shut down because it was over the allowed capacity, a task also given to me by Mike Griffin, at Sanders Warren & Russell. Tom made a point of telling me I was the only one he had ever given his email password. There were emails in it to and from Jeff Kaeser, regarding client balances, from approximately two years prior to that time in 2005. Jeff was impersonated to me in Lenexa, Kansas in 2015.

Lunch with Tom Carew at The Cashew.

* May 12 at 12:37pm ·
I found it interesting that Stinson Morrison Hecker (where I worked for Tom Carew in 2005), Lansing Grain (where Tom became employed in 2009) and HCA all had the same Corporate Woods address listed on the internet, but with different suite numbers. I no longer have the exact information because it was in the file folder of documentation stolen from my home when my backpack was stolen, but the exact addressed were previously posted. (I did later find my backpack on the side of the road missing key documentation and items - such as my flashdrive, documentation of hand delivered crime reports to police departments, a log of what I had submitted to which police departments, calls, documenting gaslighting and verbal gymnastics by uniformed officers in police stations, etc).

HCA was on some of my paperwork given to me during the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping, but on the PHI (protected health information) form, which was obtaining a THREE YEAR power of attorney, "HCC" was listed (which seems to have just been a typo).

Note: I am still trying to even get to the full articulation of this crime, which gangstalkers informed me months ago, due to Mission Police Department's refusal to take a police report, that the statute of limitation has tolled on same, e.g., Tom Carew drugging and kidnapping me while impersonating an Overland Park, Kansas police officer, falsely imprisoning me, and causing physical injuries that include but are not limited to spinal, rectal, abdominal and other injuries, which I still need serious medical attention for, but have clearly stated, to police and medical personnel, while being arrested (harassed) in May of 2016, which resulted in a night in the Johnson County, Kansas Jail.