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Gregory NMN Schrader Obituary, Kansas City, Kansas

Gregory NMN Schrader Obituary, Kansas City, Kansas 1990
Gregory NMN Schrader Obtiuary

Published to FB on April 9, 2016
by Kelly Christensen
Greg NMN Schrader - “Paw Paw” is on his headstone in Edwardsville.
While drugged (unbeknownst to me at the time), in the beginning of the workplace mobbing and gangstalking that became over and continues to this day, while working for Thomas Edward Carew, partner (attorney) at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005, the subject of the late Greg NMN Schrader came up between Tom and I. The newspaper article I had from the event of Greg Schrader's death disappeared from my Overland Park, Kansas duplex at 9308 West 77th Street. (This duplex was very nicely kept by the then landlord, Larry Kilroy, but now looks like a flop house).

Tom mentioned several things for several days in a row that had occurred in the privacy of my home the night before and characteristics of my home and/or belongings, letting me know he was watching me and leaving the office to go through my things in my home during work hours. When this discussion occurred between Tom and I he was also handed the folder my late mother, Marie Francis Schrader (who was terminally ill with small cell lung cancer at the time), had with her notes on the matter. After this conversation between Tom Carew and I, he stated to me in his office at Stinson that he represented (is the attorney for) the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. I think this was Tom Carew's springboard to start a whole lot of trouble.
I think the very purpose of the drugging at this point during this workplace mobbing and gangstalking was for his target to "spill their guts" in order that he might use any revealed secrets against you. (According to office gossip I was his 22rd assistant in two years and he was going to be fired if he "lost" another one - me). In any case, I do not really have any big secrets, such as things that can be used against me. But, there were two situations discussed: Greg Schrader and one other situation which was in no way criminal. It is my opinion that Tom Carew used this situation as a springboard, or that it is related to the current situation in some way. 
In 1990, my step-father, Greg NMN Schrader, was killed by the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. He was an alcoholic pedophile. Only one sibling still loved him by the time he died. She was upset, stating they were lying. I went with her to the police station, verbally cornered a detective, and he was p*ssed as hell about the fact.

(One year later) my mother asked me to find a lawyer to pursue the situation. I did so and went with her to the consultation. The lawyer advised her to be certain all of her children were out of Wyandotte County because lives would be in danger. That was the end of it to the best of my knowledge.

As articulated in other submissions, atrocities unfathomable to most were put in my face by casually mentioning such things to me at my desk at SMH. An unidentified female said to me at my desk, “Everyone has a look alike [or double] somewhere.” Additionally, I had a telephone discussion with Alfi from my Stinson Morrison Hecker desk in which she asked me if I had been to the Courthouse downtown. I responded that I had not. She said she saw someone at the Courthouse that looked just like me, she thought it was me.

Additionally, I had my picture taken for the intranet (internal) on which I was listed as Tom Carew’s assistant. I had short hair and red eyes, looking as if I had just rolled out of bed from a three day drunk. My hair was long and grown out longer than usual at that time (we had a five generation picture taken) and given all of the Photoshopped (or Corel) photographs, my stolen photo albums, (as the attempt to rewrite history continues), that was the case in this situation as well.
Given the 2014 drugging and kidnapping, for example, as well as other nearly unthinkable maneuvers documented in other submissions, I strongly suspect a lawsuit or some similar action (for example: Tom Carew informing them that one of us were threatening such an action, then providing the "solution"), was taken in this matter unbeknownst to me,
*be it in my name or any version of it (Mize (birth), Schrader (adopted), Gatewood (married), Christensen (legal name change in 1991)), or Reynolds - Reynolds is a name I have never legally had, but was told during perpetration against me approximately 5 years ago ‘you’re not adopted,’ the identity theft currently in progress against me, as well as threats that my bar number has already been falsified, someone will be living my life and all I will be able to do is watch, etc),
*my late brother’s name (Gail “Bo” Thomas Schrader – killed in December of 2006 by allegedly being struck by two vehicles while crossing I-35, then dragged 85 feet, whom I believe was harvested - eyes and heart at the least, homicide investigation requested electronically from Cedar Roe Library computer and via U.S. Mail from the main Mission Post Office), and/or
*my late mother’s name, Marie “Check” Francis Schrader – died in March 2006, alleged from small cell lung cancer, but with what I now recognize as markings of targeting (such as suspected asbestos, mold being stuffed down my throat while drugged in my own bed during 2005 while working for Tom Carew and the current microwaving/radar/lasers and/or other not yet more specifically identified directed toward me to this day in Mission, Kansas, etc). To the best of my knowledge, no one living or deceased has pursued this matter in the courts or otherwise,
**and I certainly did not.
Thus, the repeated entering of our Overland Park, Kansas duplex, both while we were gone during the day and while sleeping at night, where even my then three year old grandson I was raising, was poisoned and drugged, I believe my daughter was raped in her basement bedroom, I was penetrated vaginally, orally and anally (see additional submissions) in 2005 while I was working for Tom Carew. This was first blamed by perpetrators on the Overland Park Police Department, then for quite some time on the Kansas City Kansas Police Department, then more recently black people (using the “n” word slang), “n” from Louisiana (see Slidell/New Orleans, LA submissions).
This workplace mobbing and gangstalking resulted in me repeatedly being hospitalized and/or treated for dehydration and pneumonia, then being committed at Christmas in front of my child, to Truman Medical Center, for the first time in my life at the age of 41, (there could not convincingly have been a bogus schizophrenia diagnosis placed on me, and there was not, as I believe there was on my late brother, because it generally presents by age 20, an age close to when I believe he began being targeted (additional submissions regarding Bo).

Dale Reynolds stated to me in early 2006 while we were at Matt’s in Orrick, MO, where the gangstalking and crimes continued, that my late half-sibling, Robin Reynolds (whom I met once, she was married, with two kids, to a cop) died in the same manner “snapping” (his interpretation, not mine - suicide) in 1993 as I had just nearly died at that time) with the only other such incident in my life being nearly a decade later during the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping in which Tom Carew impersonated an officer complete with a fake (meaning it had plexiglass that was not factory installed and a tank filling half of the backseat), unmarked police cruiser with a hose running through the plexiglass gassing me from the moment he entered the car. (see additional submission).  This following articulating some of the crimes on my FB page.

At age 41, (when I worked for Tom Carew at Stinson) I had never been admitted to the hospital in my entire adult life except to give birth and briefly for the second degree burns on my feet about a decade prior to this workplace mobbing and gangstalking.

Additionally, Deleta told me at the end of my childhood sexual abuse therapy that I am one of the emotionally healthiest people she knows. (I also received threats against her, she is a KU graduate of the MSW program and was at Wyandot Mental Health when I saw her decades ago).

Also see Mission and Kansas City Police Departments 3/8/2016 - which may have been both or may have been the crafty, apparently Tom Carew dominated Mission Police Department stirring up more trouble, as Tom Carew did when I worked for him at Stinson in 2005. This is especially true since Tom Carew is obviously allowed to run around Johnson County, or maybe even beyond, in a police uniform, impersonating an officer. So, it may not have been KCKSPD at all?

Also see

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