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Request for Police Interview - KBI and FBI Submitted to Mission Police Department - 3/10/2016

"Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin's presence." - Kelly Christensen quote to MPD

Posted on this blog in June, but redated for clarity and order of postings.

Hand delivered hard copy delivered three times to the Mission Police Department due to gaslighting and other misconduct - "Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin's presence." was removed. The following was hand delivered after many attempts to first file police reports verbally, then numerous typed hard copies of submissions hand delivered to the Mission Police Department in order to get around the gaslighting, verbal gymnastics, etc.

March 10, 2016
I hereby request in writing in person to the Mission Police Department, as a reasonable person similarly situated would deem appropriate and necessary, that two Kansas Bureau of Investigations agents, (who I originally repeatedly attempted to contact electronically from the Cedar Roe Public Library situated in Roeland Park, Kansas), presenting official credentials along with driver's licenses, and providing me with Xerox copies of same, as well as those of an officer who provided me with a Mission Police Department business card within the police station stating he is Officer Bieberbach, should he be present, as well as an FBI agent, preferably Special Agent Beuttenbach of Kansas City, Missouri, if possible, if not an agent of his recommendation, if possible, be present during the verbally suggested police interview, (by an Officer Martin in my home on March 8, 2016), be scheduled on or following but not prior to March 25, 2016.

Please also notify Special Agent Beuttenbach I have received death threats against his son, including similar spinal alteration threats as I suffered in a crime originating in Mission, Kansas, in May 2014. Please also notify Special Agent Beuttenbach that I was informed his son's body is under water at Shawnee Mission Park, at the northwest end, in front of the shelter west of the [inserted the word “patio”] [the word “dock” removed for clarity] deck, which a reasonable person similarly situated could construe as either a fact or criminal intent. Additionally, I have received numerous threats against Buzz** and Kristi**. Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin’s presence.

Please also have the appropriate or assigned KCMO homicide detective who has been requested, both electronically and via U.S. Mail from the Mission Post Office, to investigate my late brother's death as a homicide, present, if possible. See attached Document 103 [Request for homicide investigation].

Please also provide me with a competent officer without a dual agenda, or thinly veiled verbal gymnastic maneuvers, to document and investigate several other death threats I have been trying to report. All things considered, I would prefer escalation to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Please notify me in person at 5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas, while providing proper credentials and driver's license, with Xerox copies of same (due to the MPD's name tag changing game) as I will not accept any correspondence via any other mode, as well as requesting current picture identification and up to 25 personal cards, all of which, (in addition to my original birth certificate that is missing from my Mission, Kansas home), I have reason to believe may have been criminally duplicated, employed or manipulated, (but I have received no response, nor has a police report been filed per the clerk as of March 8, 2016, from a thrice requested over several days, simple identity theft police report within the greater context of the situation, in order that I may lock down my credit reports and notify other agencies, which MPD has refused to document, including evidence in my home they have been notified is being entered.)

Enclosures: Documents 103, 201, 202

*Please note, this request is prepared and presented under exhaustion, from, among other things, having to wrestle the Mission Police Department to take a police report including several death threats against the health and life of others. Additionally, MPD knows or has reason to know I am not in a position to be able to walk to Olathe to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, nor to the KBI.

**Buzz was impersonated to me at Smithville Lake and in Mission, Kansas. Gangstalker commentary also included numerous threats against his life and well being, including telling me he is at the bottom of Smithville Lake. I have received commentary on Kristi ranging from her being targeted to her being a gangstalker.

Additionally, overt attempts were made at the Mission Police Station in the evening hours of March 8, 2016, [documented fully separately] which were received as attempts to cause me to lose my temper or escalate, by a uniformed officer inside the police station, wearing a name plate stating he is Officer Adam, (a large, beefy, perhaps, steroids body type) asked three times what he could do for me and each time I answered I wanted to file a police report, who then, while looking me up and down as if I am trash, as well as other non-verbal ques, attempted to elevate administrative procedures above taking a police report [public safety], then stated, "You can file a report or you can leave." He then informed me he will give me two options, at which time I exited the police station after stating, “You do not give me my options. This is about murder.” All of this occurred immediately following directed conversations outside the station and within the context of extended, well documented, questionable behavior throughout my stay in Mission, Kansas. [Trolls have this “cute” little fake name tag game which lends itself nicely to the deniability goal of gangstalking].

This directed conversation delivering threats was reminiscent of street theater appearing to be delivered by one police department (KCKPD) and facilitated by another (MPD), as I attempted to enter the Mission Police Station to file a police report. The above paragraph is after I entered the police station, the first half of the scenario, and the scenario in full, that occurred outside the Mission Police Station on March 8, 2016, will be fully articulated in a separate posting.

Resident Review: Do not move here. The Mission Post Office is also troll infested (employees engaging in perpetration and directed conversations as well as customer trolls), as is the local HyVee (both employees and customers). The Lenexa HyVee was also involved in perpetration when my then teenage daughter was targeted unbeknownst to me (because the cops are playing ball with kids in their PR campaigns rather than raising awareness that gangstalking is not the stereotypical "gang members" and identity theft involves much more than stealing your name to get fraudulent credit cards. Instead, as MPD did to me, they gaslighted, engaged in directed conversations, and pretended not to know what directed conversations even are - among other things. Otherwise, I might have had a clue what the hell was going on years earlier saving my children (child and grandchildren) years of hell. However, I will continue to now raise public awareness if it is the last thing I do - and it won’t be. Apparently, they do not like to deal with covens, cults and secret societies, etc., but in some cases the perps are cops.


I have yet to receive any response at all, but further gaslighting and harassment during subsequent requests to file police reports and document evidence of the ongoing crimes being committed against me. Also note, they knew and had every reason to know I was unable to contact them for myself - separate hard copy document also hand delivered. Other jurisdictions told me to deal with the jurisdiction I live in. 

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