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Prairie Village Uniformed Officer in a Mission Hills Police Cruiser Arrest

Johnson County Kansas Jail, May 2016

Wednesday, May 4th I was walking to the KCMO Public Library (trying to avoid hacker trolls) when I walked through the Mission Hills Country Club. There were three trolls who challenged me verbally, then an older man who verbally assaulted me (presenting himself as the manager), and threatened to call the police. I have never had such a problem before peacefully walking through the Mission Hills Country Club. I exited the golf course and continued on my way to the KCMO Library

At the intersection of State Line an officer in a Prairie Village uniform (I was nowhere near Prairie Village), while sitting in a cruiser marked Mission Hills, addressed me verbally, while he was sitting at the light and I was waiting for the light to change to cross the street into Missouri. He asked me if I was the one at the golf course. I answered, "Yes."

He pulled over into the bank parking lot and began making a scene at the intersection with people looking, taking photographs and videoing. I would not show him my DL due to officers repeatedly asking for and taking my DL for no reason (identity theft in process and I have yet to receive a simple identity theft police report from Mission). I told him to arrest me if he's going to or leave me alone.

He grabbed my arm more than once, then would not let go even though I told him I have spinal and physical injuries he was hurting. He handcuffed me behind my back, which was also hurting my back injuries and sat me in the cruiser while 4 or 5 other cruisers pulled up making a scene. He did not read me my rights - Miranda or tell me what I was under arrest for. I repeatedly asked what I was being arrested. He first mentioned "trespassing," then later "obstruction." I asked, Obstruction of what many times with no response, until he finally said "obstruction of the identity process."

Additionally, while at the intersection of Shawnee Mission Parkway and State Line Road, the officer asked me if I wanted medical attention. I stated I do not until I have reported all of these crimes. He called them anyway and I was gaslighted by a medical person, male - who attempted to get me to sign a release releasing Overland Park from liability. I refused.

He took me to the Prairie Village police station, (Toni was a Prairie Village dispatcher years ago, 1997 or so), pulling around in back. We exited the vehicle around back and he took me into a deserted part of the station, photographed and hand printed me. I have no criminal record whatsoever - only traffic offenses. He then stated to two other officers who were taking me into their custody after he sat at a computer for several minutes, that there was another incident in Westwood. That was a lie.

Two other officers (perpetrators like to compartmentalize for passing the buck, inept responses and to avoid accountability "it wasn't me" "that's not my department" etc.) took me clear to Johnson County Jail on the or right off of the square in Olathe for "obstruction," which they claimed required me to see a judge. It was approximately 2:30 p.m. They then stated it would be in the morning before I would be able to see a judge, so I would be in jail over night.

The paperwork stated I was signed in by A. (appears to be "J," call to station stated "Andrew") Ward - the same name of the officer on the falsified Overland Park police report from the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping when Tom Carew, attorney, impersonated an Overland Park police officer. Perpetrators later bragged of "having an officer in OPKS." I sat in a cell that was so cold I was shivering. This was causing spasms in my injured back, which the older female guard/officer at the guard desk responded - "You don't have a back injury."

I spent the next approximately 12 hours in a concrete cells with a metal bench shivering and having back spasms. I could not comfortably sit or lay down because I was so cold, as was the metal bench/bed. I asked for a blanket and informed the old female at the desk, as well as others I have back injuries (numerous times) and was so cold I was shivering - which was causing back spasms. She told me, finally, after many hours of asking for a blanket - "You'll get a blanket at midnight." That was the shift changed - when she walked out she sarcastically waved and smiled - I flipped her off it was so sarcastic - still leaving me with no blanket. Everyone else had blankets hours before I was given one when I had been asking for one all day. I could not sit or lay down comfortably that entire time due to the temperature, concrete, and metal furniture. (This is exactly what happened in Lenexa - in the lobby shivering all night).

Prior to being moved to another cell, a young black female was arrested right outside my cell. She appeared to be very upset and scared. I mouthed to her that she would be okay. This child, (18 years old) repeatedly asked for food - for several hours. Medical personnel finally saw me (not performing any kind of examination), and also refused to give me a blanket.

When the next shift started there was a black male officer, who said he will give me a blanket after he takes care of everyone else. Everyone in custody gathered outside my cell in chairs and were given blankets while I continued to shiver. I believe it was about 2:30 a.m., a couple of hours I think, after everyone else had gone to their cells with their blankets, before he took my photo, fingerprints and gave me a blanket.  He also gave me a mat to sleep on and a pillow. I told him I need more than one pillow in order to elevate my head while a sleep for medical reasons, I believe I mentioned that I had swallowed lye (Drain-o) as a child. (This sometimes causes me to aspirate in my sleep and my head in supposed to be elevated). He refused to provide me with an additional pillow. So I asked him if I could have an additional blanket to elevate my head. He refused.

To the best of my knowledge, the child (18) never did get any dinner. Additionally, I barely woke up in the middle of the night hearing someone screaming who I believe was her. (See additional articulate below).
The next morning a man came to my cell and told me the charges were dismissed. I never saw a judge. I was let out of jail and walked 16 hours from Olathe back to Mission. I was not allowed a phone call and my cell phone was dead, as well as my contact list lost when Tom Carew drugged and kidnapped me in 5/2014 and my Verizon cell phone (which also had photographic evidence on it) was not returned to me. During that walk, while crossing the interstate, which I had to do in order to get home, a Lenexa uniformed officer (who may have been "Mr. Smiley") on a motorcycle approached me while I was walking down what I believe was a public path, a golf cart paved path (golf course) on the north side of K-10.

*Last week when I was incarcerated in the Johnson County Detention Center (Jail, on or right off of the Square) overnight for persisting in trying to report serious crimes, a large (very muscular, 40ish) bald white male came on duty I believe at midnight. He then walked by the young black girl's cell (mine was next to it) and said, "I don't give a f*ck what you want." She then said, crying, "You promised." (She was still trying to get something to eat as she had been all evening). He responded, "I didn't promise you a thing, bi*ch!" I am disgusted by what I witnessed there, besides the very reason I was even there in the first place.

Johnson County Jail

The next thing I noticed was her saying she was "not going to pee in a hole." They have cells with nothing but a drain in the middle of the room (based on what I could see on the monitors in the guard station from my cell), which are displayed on monitor at the desk where all of the officers sit. So, for allegedly being caught smoking pot, this young girl (18) was not fed the entire night, humiliated to either not use the backroom or squat in a drain on camera (where I could also see the monitor in addition to all of the officers (male and female) and whomever else). Then, as I previously mentioned, I woke up late in the night to someone screaming, and I think it was her.

Gangstalker Commentary this morning (this was articulated and posted to FB on Kansas City Gangstalking - Exposing this Crap on or about May 9th), I was threatened that "the police brutality is going to get worse if you don't stop."

Now I am being threatened with bodily harm to stay in their jurisdiction rather than crossing over into KCMO. (I was arrested last Wednesday at State Line Road for absolutely no legitimate reason whatsoever) for "obstruction." Obstruction of what I don't know, but they finally said, "Obstruction of the identity process." Funny, when I have been trying to get a simple identity theft report for months.

Additionally, gangstalkers have stated that they (dirty cops) submitted the crime tips and took credit for solving the crimes I reported in order to cover their a*sses for not taking a full police report from me in the last six months I have been trying to report numerous crimes. Hence, my email was hacked last month (documentation deleted regarding the run around from Ashley of the City of Mission resulting in the suspension of my DL, as well as documentation, including emails sent to "Officer Bieberbach" of the Mission Police Department from the business card he provided me in the Mission Police Station), followed by my flash drive being stolen out of my home (more documented submissions), then my backpack being stolen and documents (the entire folder, including quite a bit of documentation, submissions, and a log of the dates of what I hand delivered in writing to who) removed before I found it on the side of the road missing key items and documents a couple of days later.

Written by Kelly Ann Christensen 

Prairie Village Uniformed Officer in a Mission Hills Police Cruiser Arrest - May 4, 2016

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