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Request for Kansas City Missouri Police Department Homicide Investigation: Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader

Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader with Grant and Amy
Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader
with Grant and Amy

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

Update: November 21, 2016 - I still have not received as much as an acknowledgement of receipt from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

Kelly Ann Christensen a/k/a KC3Lady
5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B
Mission, Kansas 66202

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8/31/2016: I have still not received so much as an acknowledgement of receipt regarding my request for the unredacted coroner and police reports concerning my brother's death. 

What I have received is commentary that the Masons in my FOO (which may also include the line of (Al, Carol, Judy, etc.) Helen Reynolds, older sister of Thomas Fred Mize) are filing suits in this case and others articulated on this blog, in order to obtain sealed records and control over any settlement, which was part of the original intent of the scheme in the first place, e.g., the Masons trying to control and prey upon as per always - while I continue to try to WARN THE PUBLIC, due to the complete and total incompetence consistently displayed in this situation by law enforcement, undoubtedly either deceived or secret society members with badges.* (My brother's sole remaining heir is Amy Schrader).  

*Someone who has taken secret blood oaths, no matter the secret society or cult, required to come before their own wife and children, let alone their badge, should NEVER be allowed in the police force. It puts the public, as well as good police officers at great risk.

This is my late brother who died days before his 40th birthday in 2006 (the same year our mother died and I also nearly died in late 2005), when we were told he was struck by a full size white SUV, the mirror striking him in the aorta, killing him instantly and thrusting him to the ground (implying face first although not overtly stated), at which time a second vehicle was passing the first, running over his body and dragging him 85 feet down I-35.  

Consistent with the jurisdiction-jumping© game of gangstalking perpetrators, (as well as other markings), he had just moved out of the KCMO jurisdiction barely into Claycomo, MO, after undoubtedly an orchestrated and inflicted separation from his wife, Lucy. 

The story shortly changed to him being struck and killed a couple of mile markers down I-35, well into the KCMO jurisdiction, with excessively redacted reports of the incident issued out of the Independence location.

March 2, 2016, I requested via email from Cedar Roe Public Library and via U.S. Mail via the main Mission Post Office, a homicide investigation into his death, as well as all unredacted reports concerning his death. I have received no response whatsoever as of July 28, 2016, not so much as an acknowledgement of receipt. 

This is consistent with the absolute and total lack of any response or validation whatsoever from the Mission Police Department regarding the numerous hard copy hand delivered submissions, which were only submitted in writing to get around their verbal gymnastics and gaslighting, as well as failing to provide an officer to document and investigate numerous death and other threats received against many other civilians, including legal professionals, as well as even acknowledging the request for welfare checks on my children and other family of origin members - to this day (7/28/2016). 

However, there were 3 - 5 calls made to Johnson County Mental Health while the corrupt cops were gaslighting, ridiculing, making sport of me and radaring my legs, head and body while pretending to be "protecting me."

Request for Homicide Investigation

March 2, 2016
I hereby request that my brother, Gail Thomas Schrader’s death be investigated as a homicide. In the full context, which I am in the process of submitting, of the unfathomable targeting I have endured for more than a decade, I am persuaded he was murdered.
He had moved out of KCMO and barely into Claycomo, MO, where our sister had rented a house from Larry Lewis (a self-proclaimed 32 or 33rd degree Mason and Shriner) involved in the targeting of my daughter, Amber ****** ***********, in Lenexa, Kansas at the age of 16 and who told me in person during that time that when he purchased his Claycomo house he went into the Claycomo Police Department to find out “what he could get away with” in Claycomo as a Shriner). My brother had moved into a tiny duplex by himself barely in the Claycomo jurisdiction, after undoubtedly an orchestrated and inflicted separation from his wife.
Bo was allegedly killed crossing I-35 on foot behind this small duplex while working on his truck, with the assumption he was headed to O’Reilly’s for parts, then dragged 85 feet. The mirror of the full size SUV allegedly pierced his aorta through his back killing him instantly. I do not especially find this to be a plausible explanation, especially based on his height as opposed to that of the SUV. Then, the story was changed to a couple of mile markers down the road well into the KCMO jurisdiction. Lucy, his widow, stated to me at the time to have only received nearly worthless due to the excessive redactions, documents about his death coming out of the Independence location.
Please provide me with all unredacted reports concerning my brother’s death 12/05/66 – 12/2/06, ***-**-****. I would also appreciate knowing that no one else has assumed his identity, along with his disability benefits, etc.

Deaths in my brother’s family of origin:

 Greg Schrader (father), KCKS, 1990
Gail Schrader (his grandfather), Edwardsville, KS - (property dispute for their land).
Leitha Schrader (grandmother, emphysema), Edwardsville, KS - (property dispute for their land).
Marie Francis Schrader (mother), KCMO 3/16/06
Mercedes Busing-Ong (daughter), Sedalia, MO, then KCMO
Thomas Fred Mize (grandfather), Bonner Springs, KS DOD: 7/01/01
Clara Marie Mize (grandmother), Bonner Springs, KS DOD: 8/15/11
Dean Curran, (cousin), Leawood, KS DOD: Mother’s Day 2011
Tom Chambers, (uncle), KCKS

Riley William Brown, 80, Claycomo, MO passed away Friday, April 6, 2012 (Good Friday) at his home.
Then, I nearly died in 2005 and have been targeted ever since, along with my children (child and grandchildren).


My brother suffered from panic attacks, in addition to being an alcoholic. However, he was prescribed a "time-released" daily dose of Xanax that was approximately 6 times stronger that the 0.5 (which I broke in half during the time I took Xanax, which I have not taken for more than a decade). 

"These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them." Tom Carew, Stinson, 2005
"These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them." Tom Carew, Stinson, 2005

Xanax is not to be mixed with alcohol and there will be a lawsuit on this point. So you spineless, crooked bastards can start falsifying his medical records as you falsified the Overland Park Police Report during the 5/2014 drugging and kidnapping during which TOM CAREW was impersonating an officer. You'll need the head start, anyway.

"I have a friend who keeps his wife in bed drunk all day." Tom Carew Quote
"I have a friend who keeps his wife in bed drunk all day." Tom Carew Quote

While my late brother was indeed an alcoholic, the possibility of his beverages or perhaps even water supply should certainly also be investigated. Perhaps more specifically, among other things, for ethanol

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