Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mercedes Busing-Ong, Bo Schrader and Kim Busing's Late Daughter

The late Mercedes Busing-Ong, Sedalia, MO

This is Bo's (Gail Thomas Schrader's) daughter, Mercedes Busing-Ong, who is another family of origin decedent. Mercedes was married and moved out of her lifelong jurisdiction shortly (a couple of years) prior to her death. Mercedes suffered with a rare disease about half of her short life, which also needs to be investigated as a homicide due to the fact that approximately 5 times a perpetrator has or has attempted to inject me with something while claiming they had "chosen your [my] disease." (in Lenexa and Shawnee)

Mercedes was a Christian, which seems to be especially offensive to these lunatics. So, Sedalia will be requested to investigate this death, including this aspect of targeting, as well as the welfare of the entire Busing family and Mercedes mother, Kim and siblings. 

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