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My Children and I: Resolution, Legal and Spiritual Rights

Jurisdiction Jumping Gangstalking "Game" by KC3Lady
Jurisdiction Jumping Gangstalking "Game"

by Kelly Ann Christensen a/k/a KC3Lady

Note: This is a draft that will be completed shortly.
The electronic harassment and assault, death and other threats have continued non-stop, uninterrupted, even though I have been trying to report these crimes most of this year. Additionally, my air (ventilation), food and water continue to be tainted, poisoned or drugged, and the community harassment also continues non-stop, in some cases with police involvement.

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Police Radar Guns
They, gangstalkers claiming to be police - (who can tell the difference anymore here in the Greater Kansas City Area) - are claiming he's dead (Tom Carew), as the gangstalking slow kill deniable murder scheme and electronic and other harassment, assault and trespass continue uninterrupted, just a bit more subtle.
"My Children" shall mean any and all children born of or removed from my body, my children's bodies and my grandchildren's bodies, including tissue, eggs, embryos, fetuses, at any stage, and sperm.


Recent Gangstalking Commentary: Tom Carew is Dead

I have received much recent gangstalking commentary that Tom Carew is deceased with the distinct implication that "it's over." Even if he is deceased, and I certainly do not believe that Tom Carew is deceased, the matter is certainly not resolved.

Frequency Ranges - Radio Spectrums

In addition to the ongoing crimes continuing uninterrupted (trying to cause me to become ill with cancer, see Cancer Theme), additional matters include but are not limited to, for myself and my child/ren (one naturally born child, as well as all other criminally harvested in any manner, in any form, at any stage, eggs, embryos, fetuses from my body), my children's bodies and my grandchildren's bodies. This includes any and all sperm criminally harvested or extracted from my grandchildren in any way from their bodies, as well as prosecution of any and all criminal sexual crimes committed during these processes or at any other time against My Children and I, also keeping in mind the fact that minors cannot give consent.

  • This includes any and all eggs, embryos or fetuses at any stage criminally harvested from my child's body in any manner, including under duress, coercion, threat of bodily harm or death, rape, trickery such as impersonation of a lover or lovers, as perpetrators have been known to do, quite convincingly with life-like masks that appears to have potentially been produced from a casting of the individual's face. Herein on this site referred to as one form of "impersonations." 
  • Additionally, criminal prosecution of any and all photographs, videos or other records of such events, including any profits made from such torts, Constitutional and other violations, damage to reputation, damages for public humiliation, etc.

  • This also includes, but is not limited to any and all eggs, embryos or fetuses, at any stage, removed from my late brother's only surviving heir, Amy's body, (I shall be the sole Trustee of any trust fund or settlement arrangement or award set up for Amy Schrader), as well as his late daughter, Mercedes Busing-Ong, who suffered approximately half of her life with a "rare disease." (While Bo raised Elizabeth, she is not his legal or adopted child or heir); and this also includes any and all sperm harvested in any criminal manner, under duress, trickery, coercion or threat, from my late brother, Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader 
    • and my youngest sibling, Michael Bryon (sp?)) Schrader. 
    • I also strongly suspect my late brother, Bo was harvested, at the very least his heart and eyes.

Tom Carew, Stinson Morrison Hecker 2005*

*The only adoption attorney I recall working for is Kevin Kenny in Prairie Village, Kansas on a Secretary-at-Law assignment a few years ago.

including, but not limited to, conviction of the criminals/perpetrators, restitution, damages, the return of any and all tissue, organs, eggs, embryos, fetuses, bodily fluids, bone marrow, and any or all other bodily tissue, organs, bones, vertebrate, sperm, tissue, fluids, criminally harvested or altered or damaged in any manner, etc., medical expenses for physical and psychological injuries, shortening of lifespan, criminal infections/injections and/or experimentations, false imprisonments, the return of any and all criminally conceived, harvested and/or kidnapped embryos at any stage (children, from both mine and my children and grandchildren's bodies), child support criminal conceived and acquired children, insurance coverage, college funds, our identities fully and wholly restored, health, education and financial records and files fully and wholly restored, restoration and public correction of any and all criminal use of likenesses, reputations, credentials, identities, slanderous, libelous or disparaging representations via verbal, written, edited photographic, video or any other manner, damage to reputations, intentional infliction of emotional distress, pain and suffering, lost wages, interest on student loans, etc., etc.,"

The vertebral column

Legal Rights to My Children and I

I am of sound mind (and not afraid to prove it, after the perpetrators, of course, since I am the innocent citizen reporting crimes and they are the criminals, (and body except for numerous and serious physical injuries inflicted on me (criminally) while being targeted, which are in need of medical attention), nor am I under the care of any medical or mental health professional, nor have I executed a POA, springing POA, HCPOA or springing HCPOA, or any other estate planning, end of life or incapacitation documents. I have, of course, designated beneficiaries on insurance policies through employers or on automobile policies. 

Approximately five years ago, this stalking became overt, beginning with a black Acura like Tom Carew drove when I worked with him, and a silver Corvette like the one Dale Reynolds drove when I met him for the first time at approximately 20 years of age. Among the gangstalking commentary, and marriage proposal said to be from Tom Carew, was "you're not adopted."

Carew-Reynolds Plan for Rights

Dale Reynolds signed over any and all legal rights of or to me when I was an infant, to the late alcoholic pedophile, Greg NMN Schrader. I have not, in my 40's or 50's or at any other time been "unadopted." Therefore, Dale Reynolds holds absolutely no legal rights to myself, my children or my grandchildren.  While Dale may wish to now, after more than half a century of completely and utterly failing to perform in the capacity of a father in any spiritually assigned manner, to provide, to protect, to avoid provoking his children to anger, to spiritually instruct in the ways of the LORD - to now conveniently attempt to exert some backwoods form of spiritual rights. After the events of 2006, I do not now, nor at any time in the future, do I intend to allow Dale Reynolds in our lives in any capacity whatsoever at all. Dale Reynolds has no legal or spiritual rights over myself, my children or my grandchildren, nor has he ever had any legal or spiritual rights over any of us, nor shall be considered next of kin to any of us.

While I have never met Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries in person, I have watched and listened to him for many years, causing him to be considered in my heart and mind, my spiritual "leader." However, virtually since the time I saw the In Touch v. In Touch case while working with Penny Slicer, trademark and patient lawyer, while on assignment from Secretary-at-Law, at Stinson Morrison Hecker, Dr. Stanley's broadcasts via television, radio and laptop or video have been interfered with by perpetrators, thus interfering with the free practice of my religion or preventing me from receiving the instruction and spiritual nourishment from Dr. Stanley's teachings that I began enjoying more than 25 years old. This is in addition to any "overriding" intentionally erroneous doctrine that the gangstalking perpetrators may have interjected into this long-term, trusting relationship. I wonder what damage may have been done to Dr. Stanley's reputation in this manner, as well as other Christians' relationships to God Himself, as these completely out-of-control psychopaths trample and ridicule all things sacred.  

 Scripture instructs us that upon the death of Jesus Christ, the veil to the Holy of Holies tore from top to bottom, opening the way for us to have a personal relationship with God, with Jesus as High Priest, not a mere man "father," an earthly priest who is but a man.   Priests did not sit down to signify their work was never done. Christ sat down at the Right Hand of God to signify "it is done." The Holy Scripture further informs us that if your mother and father forsake you, the Lord will take you up (take care of you), and further to call Him "Abba" or "Father" or "Daddy" Therefore, until or unless I shall freely and prayerfully decide to marry of my own free will, God Himself is my spiritual Father.

Due to Mission Police Department's speed trap and mockery of the municipal court system, including the judge engaging in directed conversation from the bench, "Tom's baby," and Barney Fife intimidation and harassment within the City Hall while waiting for my turn to see the judge, my DL has been suspended (this was hacked to say "expired" - one of their hacks I caught and corrected) for some time now, for the first time in my life. Additionally, it has been many months since I have repeatedly requested a simple identity theft police report from the Mission Police Department, which I still have not received, and is needed to send, for example, to the Credit Bureau as official notice of attempted identity theft.

Recent gangstalking commentary has included exerting that I will "play hell" trying to get another copy of my birth certificate, which I had two copies of when I worked for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005. These, along with virtually every other form of identification, perpetrators have repeatedly acquired criminal access to, and which I have repeatedly notified Mission Police Department, having been told by various other jurisdictions that I need to deal with the jurisdiction I live in, and also have my requests for escalation to higher law enforcement authorities ignored, and even ridiculed via gangstalking commentary. See Request for Police Interview - KBI, FBI Submitted to Mission Police Department in mid-March, 2016, nor was a Mission Police Officer able to advise me as to the location of the nearest Kansas Bureau of Investigation office for me to walk to other than Topeka, Kansas. 

Legal and Spiritual Rights to My Adult, Competent Child: Kevin Christensen

There has been much spiritual mockery and blasphemous commentary and actions involved in this gangstalking, slow-kill deniable murder for profit, sex and power scheme. Also see Targeted Christian Inspirations blog.

Kevin Darrell Christensen is my only child (prior to these crimes, consensually, legally and knowingly conceived), only child's natural and legal father and he shall be honored as such. However, in or about 1999, after Kevin's divorce from Marcia, I took him to an America Online Kansas City Over 40 party, where he met Cherre. The two married and to the best of my knowledge remain husband and wife. Cherre openly claims to be a witch and openly claims to practice witchcraft. Therefore, my children and I being Christians, a religion based on the Holy Scriptures, the Christian Bible, which adamantly prohibits the practice of witchcraft, calling it an "abomination." Therefore, Kevin shall not exercise or maintain any spiritual rights over my children or myself for this reason. As stated in the above section, God Himself shall be my child's spiritual Father until and unless I freely and prayerfully decide to marry. Additionally, I am her mother, who raised her, and I am willing and able to instruct my child and grandchildren.

Jeffrey Dean Kaeser of Lenexa was her "father-figure" as a child, but him and I never married, nor did he adopt my child, nor was he even able to conceive children, nor even able to have it medically reversed that he might be able to conceive children. There were no children resulting from the engagement or relationship. Jeff Kaeser does not have, nor has he ever had any legal or spiritual rights over my children.

Mark Seibold and his ex-wife Paula of Olathe, Kansas, were my child's godparents when she was a child. However, after their divorce in or about 1993, Mark remarried, and since I was his ex-wife's best friend for years, advised me that his new wife was uncomfortable with him remaining so. Mark and Paula do not have any legal or spiritual rights over my children.

My Child's Relationships Since Being Targeted

My child was born Amber Nicole Schrader, but when I filed for child support when she was six years of age, I believe, Keven Darrell Christensen requested and was granted that her name be legally changed to Amber Nicole Christensen and it remained so from that point on.

If there was or is a forced marriage, and there absolutely appears to have been according to the email and video I was sent several months ago, to "Clark Thomas" thereby changing my child's name to Amber Nicole Christensen-Thomas, was entered into under duress, coersion, trickery, threat, force, etc., it shall be immediately annulled, nullified, not dissolved by divorce decree.

Since legal rights over my child's children, my grandchildren, was and is certainly a goal of this perpetration, any adoption of my grandchildren (my known grandsons, currently unknown grandchildren, eggs, embryos, or any fluid or tissue harvested in any manner resulting in conception of a human embryo or child, naturally or otherwise born or transferred to surrogate) executed during such union or at any other time shall be immediately nullified.

Additionally, I am the next of kin to my children, here meaning collectively my naturally born child and grandchildren.

Kelly Ann Christensen

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