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Federal Communications Commission Complaint Re: Illegal Broadcasting in Kansas City

Kelly Ann Christensen Quote and Mailing Address

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

Federal Communication Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 02554

RE:  Illegal Broadcasting/Redirected Telephone Calls

Dear Sir/Madam:

I graduated from The University of Kansas School of Law (#kulaw) in May of 2004. Shortly thereafter, I took an assignment through Secretary-at-Law to work for Stinson Morrison Hecker during their merger, Stinson taking over Morrison Hecker, at their Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri location. The following May of 2005, Stinson called me back, through Secretary-at-Law, to work for Thomas Edward Carew, in their (Stinson's) new officers at 1000 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri, which was part of the revitalization of Downtown Kansas City Missouri. [Rumor had it they signed a 25 year lease for nothing or next to nothing, granted to aid in the revitalization project].

During this time I endured a severe workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, which included my child, then three year old grandchild and it appears my late mother, Marie Francis Schrader (DOD 3/16/2006), late brother Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader (DOD12/2/2006), youngest half (male) sibling, ******* ***** Schrader, [among others] and potentially my other (youngest, female) half-sibling, **** ***** DeLeon. The multiple perpetrator stalking continues to this day [with me never having experienced, and if so, never having noticed, any of the following issues prior to working for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005]. Within this greater context, which includes many additional factors, the following concern Federal Communication Commission violations:

1.  Television - There has been interference and illegal broadcasting on my television, including the following examples:

*   Fox 4 News broadcasts in January of 2016 were broadcast with "November 2015" at the bottom of the screen. This continued for several days, received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas.

*   In both Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas from approximately November 2011 through June 2013, and in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas from approximately June 2013 through present, I attempted to find and watch a movie as I have done my entire life. I would begin watching a movie and within ten minutes it would abruptly end and another one begin. The one beginning would be one of the worst movies you have ever seen, but generally with legendary actors. Thus, causing one to conclude that is must be a good movie. In virtually every instance for months, the hero or main character of the movie would be "Tom," "Tom" and "Wayne," etc. (Wayne being the love of my life, who was repeatedly threatened to me in other manners, such as directed conversation, etc.)

*   Additionally, after it was made obvious to me that Tom Carew was again watching me in the privacy of my [apartment, as was made obvious to me when I worked for him during the workplace mobbing and gangstalking campaign in 2005, this time in,] Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas, which occurred nearly immediately upon my children leaving to return to Louisiana. I stated while alone in my apartment that if Tom (who was presenting to me some type of while violating [privacy/boundaries/criminal], presented as "playful" interest in a [personal] relationship) had something to say to me he needed to say it to my face like a man rather than through such deniable means like a crazy b*stard. I then stated that he has no bal*s. Immediately, a commercial came on my television with a large pickup truck, spinning in the mud, "Tom has big bal*s!"

*   Occurrences such as these have persisted over the years to the point of causing me to completely stop watching my television at various times, sometimes for weeks or months at a time.

2.  Radio - There has been criminal interference with radio broadcasting as well:

*   In 2007 in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, every song on my stereo in my SUV had the words changed to cause the song to be praising or glorifying pedophilia. This occurred to the point that I stopped listening to music that I have loved since childhood.

*   In Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, I tried to listen to the radio in my current apartment a couple of years ago. Every station, all up and down the dial, approximately 12 or so, was playing the exact same song in the exact same spot.

3.  Internet - My computer and internet writing, pages and groups have been relentlessly hacked for several years. Additionally, I have reason to believe this also occurred on my work computers at the very least at Sanders Warren and Russell [See FN, not included in FCC complaint] (where I had my laptop proxied into their system), and potentially numerous other firms, perhaps directly into the system, possibly also using my sign on credentials.

*   My laptop was hacked while using AT&T in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas.
*   However, the hacking of my computer seemed to escalate, with much less effective assistance from provider TWC, who blamed it on my laptop. I figured that issue out myself and found that to be untrue.
*   [I have not even been able to use my laptop for quite some time now, leaving me dependent upon the library computers.]

4.  Telephone -

*   In 2005, I was drugged and raped in my Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas duplex, but made it to my Grandmother's house in Bonner Springs, Kansas, where I called 911. The call was answered, "Overland Park Police Department."

*   I had a Verizon picture cell phone on telephone number 913-660-4122, which would ring with no record of the call, nor would it go to voicemail. When I answered it there would not be a person on the other end, but a machine or mechanical noise. At one point one of these calls rang for 8 full hours.

*   [Verizon Gusto picture cell phone photographs of November 10, 2016 report, taken in lieu of copies, were hacked - originals deleted and replaced on my cell phone remotely.  This is consistent with an all encompassing pattern of destroying authentic evidence and replacing it with falsified evidence, including but perhaps not limited to, my flashdrive being stolen, my email accounts hacked, Facebook postings deleted and falsified, photos edited, hard copies of such things as hand delivered crime reports to Mission Police Department disappearing, etc.

Verizon Gusto Picture Phone Photos Deleted and Replaced Verified by:

     * Originals dated November 10, 2016, in the evening, criminally replaced photos dated November 11th in the morning.

     *Photos out of order that they were taken].

*   Upon loss of my longtime Verizon phone and number [May 2014], I had a Sprint Lifeline phone, with no picture capabilities.

     *  Tom Carew told me in person in May 2005 that he had a friend at Sprint and could get me fired, when I was interviewing for a job at Sprint in order to leave SMH.

     *  This phone disappeared from my possession at Antioch, Johnson County Public Library shortly prior to me replacing it [finally] with another Verizon picture phone, but was returned to me the following day [when I asked at the desk]. 

     *  I have reason to believe these [some, all or most of my] calls were redirected in order to give the illusion that Tom Carew was in control of much more than he is actually in control of as I was continuing to be stalked by multiple perpetrators saying such things as, "Tom's going to teach you to give a blow j*b" and that I need to "mind" Tom, that Tom is a "handler," a "mercenary," (hired killer), etc.

Note: It is my understanding all of the above may be accomplished using HAM radio equipment with such complaints commonly received from neighbors with HAM shacks or by more expensive or expert means, which may or may not include manipulation of the television set itself [for example].

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter as I am also filing a complaint concerning felonious interception of my U.S. Mail, which I have received directed conversation in recent months has been in four instance intercepted.

Additionally, please advise where I might report, whether also with you, electronic trespass, electronic harassment and electronic assault of the kind that is not received via television, radio or by telephone, but may or may not fit the description of illegal broadcasting just the same. It is my understanding that this may be accomplished to some degree with simple, relatively inexpensive equipment, clear up the spectrum to the misuse of very expensive broadcasting [HAM, audio, electronic or other] equipment.   

Please send me any and all information and/or pamphlets available on the above topics in order to increase my understanding of same for future reference.

Thank you,
Kelly Ann Christensen

Please excuse the font if it is microscopic, I keep changing it and the hackers keep changing it back:

In late 2010, I worked for Mike Griffin (an estate planning lawyer, and a self-proclaimed Catholic who stated he attended college in New Orleans (Knights of Columbus?)) and Bill Richardson (additional submission of concern) at Sanders Warren & Russell in their Corporate Woods office. 

Kathy Mossie, secretary to “Bill Sanders, Jr.” during my year at SWR, engaged in directed conversation the following year (2012) when I had lunch with several of the girls from that office. Looking right at me, across the table, in the middle of a conversation, she said, “You had Roger’s d*ck in your mouth.” Roger Warren and I had a good working professional relationship, not an inappropriate or sexual one. See Statement of Facts attached.
I am concerned for the well-being of C**** M********n, who I suspect may be enduring targeting. I suspect C**** may have also known Bill Sanders, Jr. First, I knew C**** previously from another firm, prior to working at SWR, but have never been able to place from where. I know C**** does know Brianne Hampton. Secondly, due to C****’s exceptional secretarial abilities (the amount of work Mr. Sanders produced and the amount of work she can handle), as well as her personality and character, I suspect she may well have been his secretary in previous years, either on assignment or as an employee.

Note: A small sampling of the ongoing, relentless hacking....published within the hour and the address is already removed. My address is all over online and published erroneously on in Google search results publishing erroneous arrest charges, an incorrect address (likely so someone can claim they serviced me or tried to, but wrong address, which has been verified twice with the Kansas Driver's License Bureau by the way), an incorrect arrest time, but a correct date of birth within this greater context of identity theft, etc.  I was going to post same, but I do not now see this erroneous and disparaging statements with various charges regarding my May 2016 arrest, e.g., harassment by police, followed by a disgusting experience at the jail.

Hacked Already - So they can claim they tried to serve me, but erroneous address - which I verified twice with DMV and is all over online.

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