Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Consulting James Wirken, Kansas City, Missouri Attorney

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

Kelly Ann Christensen
5521 Beverly Lane, #B
Mission, Kansas 66202
I have attempted to catch Mr. Wirken in his Plaza office a couple of times over the last few weeks. I worked with James Wirken, who it is my understanding is the past President of the local Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, briefly in 2013 in his Plaza office. His office is apparently no longer in the same suite it was at that time as a female exited that office and responded that he is not in that office. However, there is an office down the hall from his office that has a sign on the door, "Wirken Law Firm, L.L.C." Thus, I twice left a handwritten note, since no one was in the office during business hours the two times I attempted to inquire.

(Remember, I am walking with known (to the Mission Police Department) serious physical injuries that need medical attention, most of which are resulting from Tom Carew impersonating a police officer, drugging and kidnapping me in May 2014. A crime in which I also lost my Verizon picture phone, half of my bottom teeth, the small of my back - literally, I am an inch shorter (spinal injuries and what appears to be removal of vertebrae - seriously - and some displacement of upper spine), and my automobile, etc. Then the psycho sent me a bill - undoubtedly there was more insurance fraud, too).

I have also been unable to locate an email address or a current telephone number for James C. Wirken. I did not leave my longtime email address due to the relentless hackings, and the note requested an in person consultation on a Sunday. It was not to pursue litigation against the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, but to discuss with the past President of the local Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, and a highly experienced attorney, who might best be contacted concerning the aspects of this full context of the entire situation. If there be a police department who I am in need of retaining immediate counsel in regard to, it is the Mission Police Department (although not full articulation, see postings on this blog) and potentially the Fairway Police Department (in part due to my foot being struck to the bone electronically to the point I could barely continue walking, and the damage is still evident this many weeks later - while I was passing through their jurisdiction en route to KCMO on foot, with a Fairway Police cruiser sitting in the Hen House parking lot the entire time under the pretense of protecting me while I was in their jurisdiction).

I am inquiring of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department concerning the above matter regarding my late brother, Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader, and have overtly given them every benefit of the doubt as a police force at this point. I have overtly stated that it appears the "accident" occurred in the Claycomo jurisdiction, with the story changing a couple of days after the death to mile markers miles down Interstate 35, and that the reports were issued out of the Independence location. Hence, not being familiar with their procedures, it appears the main Kansas City Missouri Police Department could have intentionally been avoided. I want the unredacted copies of the police and coroner reports regarding my late brother's death, and I will indeed retain counsel to obtain them if need be. The request was dated March 2, 2016, and I have yet to receive any response whatsoever.

(Masons, DoES - Daughters of the Eastern Star and Knights of Columbus are all involved in the scenarios articulated on this blog).

In any case, I recently received this response:

September 13, 2016

Kelly Christensen
5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B
Mission, Kansas 66202

Re: Tom Carew, Notes You've Left

Dear Kelly:

I write regarding several notes you have dropped through my mail slot of my office door. Please note that you have not left any email address or phone number by which I can otherwise contact you.  It is my assumption that you are attempting to contact James C. Wirken, my father, who is not retired and no longer practicing law. He does not work here or with me. I am a solo-practitioner primarily practicing family law.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your legal matter. This letter is to confirm, however, that you have not retained Wirken Law Firm, LLC to represent you or to take any action on your behalf in this regard. I do not have the experience, the time or the resources to aid you in your possible claims against the KCPD and such as described in your Blog.

You should be aware that there could be a deadline to bring any law suit you may have. Once this deadline has passed, any claim you may have will no longer be allowed. We have not been hired to be your lawyers and do not have the information to tell you when this deadline may be, but suggest that you determine this deadline for your educated consideration.

We encourage you to consult with an attorney of your choice as soon as possible, but we are not going to be able to be that attorney for you.

Very truly your,
Christopher B. Wirken

Johnson County (Kansas) Public Library - Hacker and Perpetrator Heaven

Firefox is NEVER updated at the Johnson County Public Libraries, the Cedar Roe or Antioch Branches. Firefox being an independent browser maintained by volunteers rather than a big name browser. Firefox is also great in that if they notice a vulnerability, they provide pack to keep the users as safe as possible.

So, I just signed back on to check something after leaving the Cedar Roe Branch, Johnson County Public Library, where I have experienced directed conversation and relentless hacking, as well as harassment by an employee identifying himself as the Branch Manager. Of course, it is "compartmentalized" in that if you inquire, the responsibility for the computers is said to be at the central location. It is also often filled with what appear to be private investigators or off duty cops.

This is a screen shot of someone who used this computer before me today. Rather than it signing her out, her password was saved (the default setting is usually set to remember passwords). So, I have access to her account, even though I signed out of it.

Logged into Someone's Google Account at Sign On at Cedar Roe Public Library
Logged into Someone's Google Account at Sign On at Cedar Roe Public Library

Computer Internet setting, set to save passwords, as is usually the case over the time I have been using the computers here, only because my own laptop was hacked into uselessness in Mission, Kansas in the last year.

Cedar Roe, Johnson County Kansas Public Library Internet Setting - Set to Save Patron's Passwords
Cedar Roe, Johnson County Kansas Public Library Internet Setting - Set to Save Patron's Passwords

I repeatedly had FBI and KBI crime tip submissions hacked or intercepted at three Johnson County Public Library branches when I first began trying to report this, prior to going to the Mission Police.

I was locked out of some of my accounts AGAIN last week (the last week of September), with directed conversation at usually perpetrator fulled Johnson County Public Library, claiming to be "stealing" more of my online work, this time my Facebook group page. The directed conversation came from a young, white, dark haired female with children in the children's room,  as well as from the middle aged white male employee I believe may be the Antioch branch manager.


Ongoing Hacking of My Accounts from Johnson County Public Libraries

Google Sign-On Log 10/09/2016
Posted on 10/09/2016 with the following commentary: Antioch, Johnson County Public Library 10/09/2016 2:14 p.m.

I logged on, revised the last edited/hacked posting, something was sprayed on or around me causing me not to be able to breathe. I thereby logged off, stepped outside for a few minutes, returned and signed back on. Someone else signed on. These Google logs have appeared to have previously been had deleted entries, after the fact.

I am signing off now, 2:45 p.m., 10/09/2016


Johnson County Public Library Involved During My Child's Targeting Too

Johnson County Public Library appears to have also been involved in perpetration when my daughter was targeted years ago. At that time the fines were up as high as $80, with no library card for more than 15 years after the incident. Johnson County Public Library also previously refused, even though I did not check out books regarding getting a GED, I hold a doctorate, to honor a bankruptcy filing (caused by medical and other bills due to Tom Carew's multiple perpetrator 2005/6 crimes, including the severe workplace mobbing and gangstalking) and clear my card so I could again have library privileges. More specifically, the years between 2008 and the time I was issued a library card at the Cedar Roe Branch a couple of years ago.