Thursday, October 20, 2016

Directed Conversation at Main Mission Post Office: Employees and Patrons

 by Kelly (Schrader) Christensen - #KC3Lady

Yesterday during my generally twice daily walk, for water* fit for human consumption, in Mission, (who has been notified in writing via another personal hand delivery) Johnson County, Kansas, I asked a United States Postal Worker in his official vehicle about reporting concerns regarding felonious interference with the delivery of my U.S. Mail. He instructed me to visit the local Mission Post Office for a form upon which to report my concerns. I decided to stop by and obtain one of these forms due to numerous assertions and threats received over several months this year in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, that my U.S. Mail is being tampered with, including important documents or correspondence not being delivered to me, but being intercepted. Most specifically, it was repeatedly stated earlier this year that four pieces of U.S. Mail addressed to me were intercepted.

(There was additional commentary regarding the intercepted U.S. Mail being my inheritance from Dale Reynolds, that he deceased, and that Mission Police Department specifically is aware of same but is not notifying me of such. Also that the other three pieces of intercepted U.S. Mail were monetary in nature. This is consistent or perhaps a continuation of U.S. mail received last year, containing two gift cards, which was opened and taped closed).

When I went in the Main Mission Post Office, located in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, 66202, I spoke to a male who appeared to be from India, named Anver. I asked Anver for three things:

  1. For a form to report my concerns that my U.S. Mail has been or is being feloniously tampered with or intercepted.  
  2. For a form to report directed conversation in the Main Mission, Johnson County, Kansas Post Office, (where I was addressing Anver) from both employees and patrons.
  3. My concern that I have previously enrolled on the "no junk mail" list, but I continued to receive junk mail.

Anver informed me that Mission Post Office did not have such a form available. He referred me to their online page. A white female, whose name I did not get, and Anver, discussed the matter, stepped in the back for a few minutes. Anver returned with a piece of paper upon which was handwritten "Postal Inspection 1-877-876-2455" and "1-800-410-7420," instructing me to call these numbers in order to address my concerns.

I will update this posting with any follow-up I receive.


Toxic Tap Water in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas Apartment

I reported my tap water, which smelled strongly of dirty dog bath water (literally, with commentary that I am a "dog" or "pup") for weeks, a year or 18 months ago to the water department. The water odor and taste improved for a couple days until the water was checked, at which time the water went right back to being toxic, as it has since remained. If the water stays in the sink overnight for example, it appears literally to be gray, thick, or growing (microorganisms) by morning. My pitchers of tea are dark, from the bacteria, microorganisms and/or parasites picking up the color (tea staining same), causing the tea to be so dark that you can not see the bottom of the pitcher, sometimes even appearing closer to the color of coffee than tea, and the taste is bad too.

The water is fine down the street, and the what appeared to be water work was done at the north end of the street at approximately the same time as:

  • The KCPL electric smart meter was "updated" (to smart from regular or old) on the back of the house.
  • The Kansas Gas smart meter was "updated" (to smart from regular/old) in the front of the house.
  • The "smart meter reader" (hacked for use as repeater?) was installed at 12:30 a.m. on the telephone pole directly across the street by contractors, not KCPL (concern for the employees of this company due to the fact that KCPL was on the 4th floor of 1000 Walnut in 2005). 
The "water work" included, to the best of my recollection, unmarked vehicles digging up concrete and working under the pavement. This was done at the north end of the street, on the west side of the street, at the end of the block I live on.

Update: I had asked the homeowner to ask the plumber to coordinate with the water company in order to solve my toxic water issue which has caused me to have to purchase and carry water on a daily basis in order to have water fit for human consumption. Some time ago I called the water company regarding the water issue. The water improved for about two days until it was checked, then it worsened again almost immediately.  

The plumber came out to fix the latest plumbing problem, which occurred several weeks ago in the middle of a series of issues causing water damage, orchestrated. (My apartment is entered on a regular basis when I leave and when I am sleeping - stealing, poisoning or drugging my food, destroying or sabotaging property and appliances and plumbing, etc.) He stated he would not coordinate with the water, but that he was not asked to until he arrived. Even so, he repeatedly stated the water is "fine," without checking or analyzing it, and that he will not coordinate with the water company in resolving the issue. I intend to again call the water company for suggestions, and perhaps to secure the water meter manhole in the front lawn should it be potentially related to the fact that my tap water is toxic, but the water down the street is fine.


Friday, October 7, 2016

"Underwriter" Neighbor Reported to Kansas Insurance Commissioner 12/2015

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)
This was hacked already, removing the "punchline," of course, e.g., commentary that Tom Carew (stalker who kidnapped me, causing considerable physical injury for which I am still in need of medical attention), purchase $800,000 worth of fraudulent life insurance on just me (with the implication that he purchased more on my child and grandchildren). 

Due to being threatened with arrest from the speed trap ticket should I approach the MPD, Barney Fife's threats in the courthouse, and the mockery of the municipal court system by the judge, in the City of Mission, the threats being received via directed conversation, I reported this gangstalking commentary, which was accompanied by the appearance of Tom Carew at "Underwriter's" (vanity plate) house, to the Kansas Insurance Commissioner from the Cedar Roe, Johnson County Public Library.  Of course, even the KBI and FBI Crimes Tip forms were hacked from the Johnson County Public Library, including that branch, and the Mission Police Department gave me no response whatsoever to a thrice hand deliver, several months ago, written request for an FBI agent and two KBI agents? On the walk home, as passing the street "Underwriter" lives on, in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, I was called a "b*tch" via directed conversation.

The report returned a reference number of 67963167. Additionally, I received a letter in the U.S. Mail as follows:

Kansas Insurance Department
Ken Selzer, Commission of Insurance
420 SW 9th Street
Topeka, KS 66612-1678

January 21, 2016

Kelly Christensen
5521 Beverly Lane
Mission, Kansas 66202

Re: Agent Complaint

Dear Ms. Christensen:

I recently received an electronic complaint from you indicating that you are concerned about the potentially criminal behavior of your neighbor. While your neighbor might be an insurance agent, it sounds as if your concerns are not dealing in insurance law, but rather have to do with general criminal concerns. (Hmm, the insurance commissioner appears to believe the purchase of fraudulent insurance is not her concern). Additionally, you mention potential insurance policies purchased by a Mr. Carew, not a licensed agent, and do not mention an insurance company name. (I guess now I'm supposed to provide the policy numbers, not unlike needing to bring him into the police stations in a headlock should I want a police report?) We are unable to search for policies in a general database of any sort. (So, have at it criminals! Insure everyone before killing them in Kansas!)

At this time I see no regulatory action our office can take and I suggest you contact local law enforcement (Why didn't I think of that? Oh, that's right Mission Police welcomed me to the City of Mission with that speed trap ticket, which as it turns out facilitated, and continues to facilitate, the criminals' agenda including the identity theft process, as one cop after another asked to see my driver's license) if you are concerned with your safety. (Wow, what a concept. Do you mean call the police and file a police report against murderers, rapists, thieves, stalkers, acts of fraud, pedophiles?) We are not a law enforcement agency with police protection of any sort, so you may want to contact your local authorities with safety concerns. (Do you mean like walking 6.5 hours so Lenexa Police can claim when I called back on my crappy Sprint Lifeline cell phone to get the police report number, that I "refused to file a police report" or spending most of this year trying to secure documentation, investigation and prosecution of the crimes articulated (and hacked) on this blog? No answer required. I have discovered some of the Proper Reporting Procedures).

I regret we could not offer more assistance on this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us with future insurance-related questions or issues.


Elizabeth J. Hickert Fike
Attorney, Consumer Assistance Division
(785) 296-3071 (phone), (785) 296-5806 (fax)

This is, of course, barring any felonious interference with the U.S. Mail or any other criminal activity.

Also see - which may also be edited by some mysterious, unknown hacker for some intriguing, unfathomable reason. <gag>

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Overland Park Police Department: "What's Gangstalking?" 9/29/2016

Overland Park Police Department to report gangstalking - Thursday, September 29, 2016

© by Kelly Ann Christensen (#KC3Lady)

Kelly Ann Christensen
5521 Beverly Lane, #B
Mission, Kansas 66202
#mugshot (due to bogus arrest)

Keep in mind I three times requested an FBI and two KBI agents, hand delivered in writing to the Mission Police Department. " It was three times due to commentary that the sentence, "Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin’s presence." was removed. I received no response whatsoever from the Mission Police Department regarding this request. However, Johnson County Mental Health, I discovered, was repeatedly called, it appears every or nearly ever time I submitted a crime report. This is overt gaslighting and participation by the Mission Police Department in these crimes, which is absolutely consistent with many other instances and behaviors of the City of Mission and Mission Police Department since my arrival in Mission more than three years ago.

The following was presented to Overland Park Police in a quick, orderly manner. However, this blog is being hacked (to give false impressions and often deleting or rearranging incriminating facts) and I usually receive directed conversation in the libraries even as I am typing. Their usual gaslighting and incriminating routines have not worked up until now because I have never even smoked pot, so the "crack whore" routine did not work. I am emotionally healthy, and nearly became a psychologist myself, so the "crazy" routine is not going to hold water either, and there are quite a cops, some lawyers, library branch employees and managers, etc., involved as I am attempting to document here strictly due to the flat refusal by law enforcement to do their jobs or provide an appropriate law enforcement agency who will. Again, in some cases the cops and city employees have actively participated or are participating in the harassment, targeting, etc.

Overland Park Police Department's "Polite" Gaslighting:

Two days ago I attempted, again, to get Overland Park Police Department to document Tom Carew's crimes against me. This was the second time I have walked to OPPD from Mission. The first was several months ago, in which I was told outside the door that I could not file a police report. However, I was able to drop several typed, signed crime reports in the fines drop box at that time, prior to walking back to Mission, Kansas. (I lost my automobile in the crimes Tom Carew committed against me in May 2014).

First, the door opening to the lobby, what could be considered the police lobby, states their office hours. I arrived well within their office hours, early afternoon. Stepping into this lobby, on the right is a door marked Overland Park Police Department and to the left is a phone and, of course, a drop box to pay fines. Over the phone it states IF YOU ARE THERE AFTER HOURS, pick up for phone and call dispatch.

I pushed on the door marked OPPD, but the door was locked. So, I picked up the phone, gave my name. I was asked, "What kind of police report?" Response: "One of each." I counted at least 19 police cars in the parking lot, but was told by dispatch (perpetrating dispatchers have been an issue) they would have to send an officer out that there was not one available. I walked out into the parking lot and shortly thereafter a police CRV pulled up, she just sat there looking at me. Since I have repeatedly been struck electronically by various police in their jurisdictions, I moved around behind another police cruiser. She wanted to have the discussion in front of her CRV, well out of range of the camera at the front door, but on her dash cam. I note this simply because the last time I was there, an officer met me outside the lobby too.

I asked if we could go in and sit down inside. She stated they do not have an interview room available, they are under construction. I had gone in to the ladies room, noticed same, and noticed no sign of construction. She stated she would pull her auto around and meet in a room on the top floor in the front of the building. I walked up to that part of the building, where her and a male officer who had approached us when we were talking in front of her CRV in the parking lot, joined us. I already was getting the impression I was being taken for a ride before we ever even entered the building, e.g., my bullchit detector was starting to go off. I noticed I was shaking by the time we sat down at the table, which was my body sending me a message regarding the situation.

I sat down at the head of a long table, the female officer sat next to me and the male officer sat at the other end of the table. I asked them to pull up this website and print off some of the material. They refused, stating they are not allowed to do that. The male stated, "They don't make the rules." (Instantaneous implementation of strict administrative procedures have been an issue previously with police departments, specifically being used to obstruct or hinder my reporting of these crimes).

To the best of my knowledge, this conversation was recorded, audio, not visual. I was dressed and managed to arrive at a police station without being drugged, so I guess they prefer the 2:30 a.m. Johnson County Jail photo. In that case, the officer grabbed my wrist and would not let go after asking me if I was the one who walked through the Mission Hills Country Club? I answered, "Yes." (I had walked through there before, peacefully, but had let a note with this website address in order to warn those who might still have their resources left in order to fight this crime since law enforcement seems to be failing miserably, and in some cases actively participating with the criminals).

Facts Reported to Two Uniformed Overland Park Police Officers In Computer Training Room

In 1990, my step-father, Greg NMN Schrader, was killed by the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. He was an alcoholic pedophile. Only one sibling still loved him by the time he died. She was upset, stating they were laying. I went with her to the police station, verbally cornered a detective, and he was p*ssed as hell about the fact.

(One year later) my mother asked me to find a lawyer to pursue the situation. I did so and went with her to the consultation. The lawyer advised her to be certain all of her children were out of Wyandotte County because lives would be in danger. That was the end of it to the best of my knowledge. (Additional facts not reported due to gaslighting interruptions (e.g., mostly, repeatedly stating that if I want a police report I need to tell her the facts, which I was doing as she was interrupting me) and being asked to vacate the premises).

Tom Carew, Attorney, Stinson Morrison Hecker, 2005
Not reported to OPPD due to gaslighting interruptions and being ask to leave.

I graduated from law school in May of 2004, and accepted my first assignment at Stinson Morrison Hecker, (leaving an assignment with Evans & Mullinix). There was absolutely no legal work the entire time I was on this assignment at Stinson, in their Crown Center office. However, I did receive a telephone call at my desk in July from JoAnn Mize Mackey LaTourneau telling me my mother had been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and that she had two months to live.

I returned to Stinson at the end of May 2005, to work for Tom Carew in their downtown office. Tom did very little legal work during the five months I worked with him - dictated a letter, organized Data Recovery Connect, (not Recovery Data Connect as it was changed to since I began reporting this), then the criminal maneuver for the adoption.

Tom Carew stated to me in person at Stinson Morrison Hecker when I worked as his legal secretary or assistant in 2005, that he represented them (KCKPD). Also, I received a call at my SMH desk outside Tom Carew's office, from that same sibling, asking me if I had been to the courthouse that day. I responded that I had NOT been. She stated she saw someone at the courthouse who looked just like me. (Additional comment from SMH coworker that we all have a double or look alike).

(I had not been in the hospital since giving birth to my then 21 year only child, prior to working for Tom Carew, except for second degree burns on my feet and that was not overnight). I was repeatedly hospitalized for dehydration, and for pneumonia when I worked for him. I endured a severe workplace mobbing and gangstalking that repeatedly nearly killed me. At some point the female officer dismissed this part of it as "happening ten years ago."

Not Shown to OPPD Due to Gaslighting Interrupts and Not, Again, Being Allowed to Finish.

Tom Carew Showed Up at Rouse Hendricks

In 2010, while working on assignment (8 months) for Rouse HendrickS German May, I warned a coworker prior to RHGM's move into the Stinson building at 10th and Walnut, to "be careful strange things happen in that building." Shortly thereafter, Tom Carew called that coworker, then showed up at Rouse Hendricks German May snarling at me. Four days later my children (child and grandchildren) were T-boned (their description, on the Causeway) in Slidell, LA, on the return from New Orleans, LA, but I believe it was technically NOLA (?) in a car accident that broke every bone in my child's face, broke my grandchild's leg and put a goose egg on my other grandchild's.

Tom Carew Impersonating an Overland Park Police Officer

In 2014, I typed some of what happened on my personal Facebook page. I was then drugged and kidnapped by Tom Carew while he was impersonating an Overland Park police officer. There was no insignia on the uniforms (or costumes, since I do not think they were real cops) noting jurisdiction. Three of them surrounded me up against me car, which was not wrecked when last I saw it and left it, but I strongly suspect insurance fraud.

Tom Carew to Me While Standing Next to My Unwrecked Car During May 2014 Drugging and Kidnapping
Tom Carew stated to me in person during the commission of the crimes, standing next to my unwrecked car, that "There was a bad accident and your died 4 (or 4.5) hours ago." He also said, "This is the way we usually do it." While holding up a long tow chain. This was a death threat and a murder confession regarding my late brother, Bo, dragged 85 feet down I-35 in 2006.

(Previously received commentary that Tom Carew had purchase $800,000 worth of fraudulent life insurance just on me from "underwriter" (vanity plate), the neighbor on the next street. There have been likenesses of Larry Lewis synchronized smoking (this male going out to smoke every single time I did, even at 4:00 a.m., with directed conversation, for weeks) and Tom Carew, who appeared to be Tom Carew himself).

During his May 2014 crimes, Tom verbally addressed me with his hand on a taser the whole time, refusing to allow me to drive or walk away. The "cop" car was white, traditional sedan, with no markings. The plexiglass in between the front and back seat was not factory or professionally installed. There was a small hose coming through the middle of the plexiglass into the backseat. I could hear the noise of it when he turned the gas coming through the hose on and off, as my head bobbed in and out of consciousness. The back seat was hard plastic, I sat in the back passenger side, the back driver's side contained a tank of liquid.

So, this is a clear sequence of events (unless a hacker has changed the text). It was presented to two uniformed officers, and the response was to ask me to leave the building. That, after telling me I made her feel really bad about herself. I can't even imagine what that comment meant, unless it was behavior consistent with narcissists who accuse their victims of the exact thing they are doing. (Projection).

Copies of Photographs Showed to Uniformed Officers 

I had to talk over the female officer's repeated gaslight comment with patronizing tone, telling me if I want her to file a police report I am going to have to give her the facts or the facts of a crime (as I was clearly doing just that). I showed photos of:

  • my brother, Bo, prior to being dragged 85 feet down I-35;
  • my grandchild prior to being targeted;
  • my late mother prior to becoming 60 pounds and emaciated with (alleged) small cell lung cancer; 
  • my late grandmother;
  • a photo of my bone structure, the small of my back is gone and I am a bit more than an inch shorter, (hip issues, shoulder implant, missing bottom teeth with gums sewn back to cause my chin to protrude, missing Verizon cell phone with long time number and contact list, etc.) when I was younger;
  • a photo displaying Sam McCann and Robyn of Slidell, LA, appearing to celebrate child abuse as my grandchild appears to be in need of medical attention with a bloody left eye (the white of his eye red);
    • I said these are "proud Knights of Columbus," but Robyn has never claimed such to me. However, Samantha has proudly, in person, claimed to be "watching over God's Word" in support of and proud of her father, Rhett McCann's of Slidell, LA, association with and involvement in The Knights of Columbus.
      •  The female officer responded that he "kind of" appeared to be in need of medical attention and dismissed it. This is a picture of my child prior to having every bone in her face broken.
Additional Facts:

I worked on ACI v. JPM (JPM is out of NYC) with Randy Hendricks at RHGM in 2010.

Insurance Fraud was mentioned several times.

"I grew up with cops, but I have just about had it with this crap." - Kelly Christensen

There are Masons (and Daughters of the Eastern Star), an organization known for its targeting of Christians, criminal activity and pedophilia (pedophilia being based on conversations over the years with childhood sexual abuse survivors who shared with me that their fathers were Masons, as well as extremely abusive, worthless fathers).

Lobotomies: As Bat Chit Off the Charts Crazy as it Sounds, I'm Serious 


Lobotomy Photo Not Shown to OPPD

I stated that there are two kinds of lobotomies: "Ice Pick" and Ethanol. The female officer asked if I think that is what he (Tom Carew) did? I answered an emphatic, "Yes, I think that's what he did."

  • Showed OPPD the photo of my oldest grandson with a bloody left eye (and broken arm and sweaty when Sam and Robyn were not - copies given to MPD and the City of Fairway (clearly a perpetrator clerk)), with Sam and Robyn appearing at the least oblivious to his pain, at worst celebrating that "accomplishment."
  • My child nearly lost her left eye in the car accident in July 2010. (I was told it was hanging by a thread, from sinking back into her skull).
  • Then on Facebook there were comments that my youngest grandson's eye was healing.
Additional Facts Not Given the Opportunity to State:

  • I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life at my Stinson desk, with bloody eyes - both eyes.
    • (My SMH "intranet" photo displayed these blood red eyes, appearing at the time as if I had just rolled off of a three day drunk or something, having lobotomy not even then existing in my realm of possibilities. 
    • Additional insurance fraud concern: I have not, nor have I ever been drug or alcohol addicted or treated for drug or alcohol addiction. I legitimately received a DUI, intoxicated and exhausted and should not have been driving, at 21 years old after returning from a bank closing, working three weeks for 10, 12, 16 hours a day, while working for FDIC at the time, then attending a coworker's birthday party).
  • At two different points during the mobbing and stalking I distinctly recall feeling my brain literally frying in my head. Note: I have no medical training or expertise, nor do I know a thing about street drugs.
  • I could barely think for approximately 18 months after leaving the employment of Tom Carew, Stinson Morrison Hecker, 2005.
Additional Suspected Lobotomies Based On Photos - Which Have Been Edited Since

These were either these psychopaths in their usual manner of "showing off" or "bragging" "in plain sight" or criminal intent (meaning altered photos signaling one another of intent). Although bragging is much more consistent in this entire scenario than signaling intent from my perspective (but I am not, nor have I ever been a perpetrator):

  • Daniel "Otis" Orgeron's arrest photo. After stating that months ago it was "toned down."
  • Lucy, my late brother's ex-wife's new boyfriend, photo also toned down once I started attempting to report.
  • My oldest grandson in a photo at or near Christmas 2005, with Matt in Orrick, MO
  • Samantha McCann's (proud self-proclaimed Knights of Columbus association of her and/or her father) new girlfriend, (a year or two ago) a young blonde in a photo standing between her and her father, Rhett McCann of Slidell, LA.


Falsified Police Report is Actually Falsified Signed Statement by OPPD

I showed what I have previously identified as a "falsified police report" to the male officer. He noted that it is a state form, not a police report. However, it is indeed falsified and signed by A. Ward, badge #1030. For example, Tom Carew, while impersonating an officer stating me, while standing next to my UNWRECKED (more insurance fraud concern), "There was a bad accident and you died 4 hours ago." The falsified statement, signed by the officer states, "She advised she had been murdered." Uh, no, I did not.

Death Threat and Murder Confession, Tom Carew to me in person - not shown.

The falsified statement further claims, "She said she sees a doctor in a tent." Uh, nope. Tom Carew is trying to get POA over me, (control) discredit me (criminal medical experimentation and harvesting has occurred) and KILL ME for MONEY - among other things. Get it?  Could any single police force anywhere figure out why? <gasp> <sarcasm>

This was previously, many months ago, reported to the FBI from the Cedar Roe, Johnson County Public Library, but even the FBI crimes tips website was being hacked at the Johnson County Public Library, and returning error messages. 

Not Shown to OPPD

(I will fill in more of the details).

Result: Asked to vacate or leave the premises. 

The net result to me spending most of this YEAR trying to file a police report regarding the crimes articulated (and promptly hacked) on this blog, is an effort to entrap, incriminate, harass, and continue to "slow-kill" me, while covering the behinds of the criminals. GREAT JOB JOHNSON COUNTY! For example, Mission Police Department, in a Mission Police Department cruiser, taking photos of me trying to find a cigarette, with much gangstalking commentary earlier this year. My response: Oh, it's the targeted smoker trying to find a cigarette defense.

Then, what appears to be the Mission Police Department's standard operating procedure, when the speed trap ticket warrant implication (received via gangstalking threat, not from an uniformed officer) to stay away from the police department, followed by several other gaslighting maneuvers - by uniformed officers, several, in the Mission Police Station, then actual threats acted out and delivered while I was attempting to enter the Mission Police Department to file a police report, in addition to a cruiser pulling up, then backing up to face me while I approached the police station, undoubtedly to strike me electronically (I would never have fathomed such a thing prior to this), to call Johnson County Mental Health for absolutely no legitimate reason (except the protocol), e.g., gaslighting by MPD. This happened numerous times many months ago, but it appears they are attempting to retroactively cover their behinds and attempting to support their misconduct and other inappropriate, if not flat out criminal conduct, when kept in proper context.