Secret Societies: Crime and Pedophilia

"Whether it be the Camel, Tiger, Elk, Eagle, Moose, Owl or Goat, there can be no more appropriate ceremony than serving a candidate with the blood of an animal," reads a vintage catalog targeted at secret societies.


The book Ritual America catalogues the quirks and artifacts of Freemasons, Elks, and their ilk.

Masons: Daughters of the Eastern Star on Three Deaf Words at

Catholic Church: Knights of Columbus

 Lawsuits accuse Knights of Columbus of child abuse on Reuters at

What's Really Behind the Catholic Church's Sexual Abuse Problem?

Why has the Church been plagued by so much pedophilia – predominantly homosexual? And why has a scandal regarding this situation erupted only now?'s_really_behind_the_catholic_church's_sexual_abuse_problem

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