Suspected Use of Pufferfish or Similar Substance

Suspected Use of Pufferfish or Similar Substance

I was shown a photo that was taken of me in which I appeared deceased. During the course of attempting to learn about some of the criminal activity being executed against myself and others, I read of pufferfish in a book from the Johnson County Public Library, Cedar Roe, which came up in search results as a reference - "How To Make a Zombie" - not the kind of book I would generally read, but it was full of information that could be considered "gangstalking information."

This book is FULL of things just like this to use on people, plants, etc.

How to Make a Zombie: The Real Life (and Death) of Reanimation and Mind Control, by Frank Swain p. 17 (there were medical references which I did not verify extensively).

Roth trying to trigger metabolic flexibility in humans:
Investigated pufferfish poison tetrodotoxin but with no success. Seabrook traveled to West Africa to live with the Guere tribe whose members practice cannibalism in order to write a book about it. The Magic Island. Seabrook was into the dark arts and witchcraft. Haiti is "80% voodoo, 100% catholic."

Zombies poison used by sorcerers. The American Mediterranean by Stephen Bonsal. The poison brings about the appearance of death so the zombies can be stolen from their graves at night. Haitians believe (voodoo) sorcerer can steal soul of recently dead and turn the body into living dead slave.

Zombie powders used by "bakers" (sorcerers) were grinding down certain bits and pieces of powerful toxins - the skin of the cane toad, Bufo marinirs, two species of deadly pufferfish (Diodon hystrix and Sphoerordes testudineris; the itching pea Mucuna pruriens and the seeds of the tcha tcha tree, albizea libbeck).

Tested on rats at NYS Psychiatric Institute - full comatose and after several hours appeared dead - faint heartbeat and brain activity. The effects last 24 hours then the rats recovered.

Pufferfish (fugu) the poison concentrated in fish intestines, live and ovaries and contains a powerful nerve agent - tetrodotoxin 100 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide used in Nazi extermination camps.

Blocks sodium channels in nerve cells preventing these cells from transmitting electrical impulses.

In minuscule doses it produces a tingling sensation in the extremities and mild euphoria.

The throat becomes paralyzed, making it impossible to speak.

Cannot even draw breath, die by asphyxiation.


I know the use of Pufferfish may sound ridiculous, but remember the context and intent, including falsified death certificates, in this case even an honest coroner might execute based on the description pufferfish can have on the human body, for use in identity theft (assumption) and insurance fraud. I also wonder about this because what doctor in Kansas City would ever even think to check for something like this?

Gangstalking threats received a couple of years ago in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas: "She will look more like you than you do." and "Someone else will be living your live and all you will be able to do is watch." "Your bar number has already been falsified." Also remember the locations in my experience being NOLA, KC and NYC, with numerous voodoo references over the years, including the many (20+) masks on "Underwriter's" back fence, which may or may not be voodoo related. (I did not get the opportunity to state this either).

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