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This is at least the fourth time I have had to start over trying to report all of this. First, I attempted to do it verbally with the police but received gaslighting, avoidance and intimidation tactics, verbal gymnastics, etc.

The second time I typed submissions out and printed hard copies with my last dime, then hand delivered them to various police departments - walking. This was to get around the gaslighting. Then it was that I needed to divide the facts into perfect parcels by jurisdiction - walking to all of the jurisdictions, of course. I intended to then hand deliver packets in order to keep their parcel in the fuller context. My documents folder, backpack and flashdrive was stolen - out of my apartment.

Then, I started Kansas City Gangstalking - Exposing This Crap on Facebook, which became apparent was not working well either due to hackers editing, deleting, etc. I was told via directed conversation that the police had "seized" the page, but that did not seem to be following through in my daily experience. For example, my food was still being poisoned in my apartment, etc.


My postings are hacked continuously, literally on a daily basis. Since I cannot proofread all of this every single day, and even if I did, the hackers are hacking me even while I am typing the postings at the Johnson County Public Library. Therefore, please have a printed copy hand delivered to me personally, providing proper identification with a photo copy of same to 5521 Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas 66202, for review and signature should you need signed testimony of any of the information contained herein.

Site Map or Arrangement of Material

I am trying to move what is left of what I posted on Facebook (that hasn't been edited, deleted, etc.,) over to Google+. I will then begin putting everything, once again, back in sequential, logical order on Blogger at kc3lady.blogspot.com. I have two competing priorities. First, the concern for the safety of myself and others which causes me to attempt to get everything posted as quickly as possible. Second, the need to post this entire ordeal in its full context and sequential order. So this is my compromise. I am posting topics as quickly as possible, then I will go back and fill any additional details and link it to the relevant or supporting links, information or resources.

Note: They especially love to make small, little edits so it appears a sentence does not make sense, etc.

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KC3Lady on Blogger does not collect any personal information for resale to any third party.

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